Lack of Proper Fact-Checking by Bloggers Getting Out of Hand.


With the current trending news both home and abroad largely revolving around politics, I have come to the realization of how bloggers have thrown caution to the wind and do not even do proper fact-checking anymore.

Indeed it is a time where the thirst for political information is at an unprecedented high.

Bloggers have therefore taken it upon themselves to quench that thirst by providing news that will keep people informed and abreast of political issues both at home and abroad.

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Journalists by the ethics of their profession are duty-bound to get the truth behind the story and also fact-check it before they publish.

Bloggers, on the other hand, are not beholden to any sort of ethics or code.

They simply do what they feel is right to get the scoop and drive traction to their blogs without proper recourse to finding the truth or fact-checking.

The worst part is the fact that nowadays, anyone can become a blogger.

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There are no requirements, all you need is to be computer literate and have access to the internet and you are good to go.

Not to say there are no responsible bloggers out there who do their best to get the real story, but most of them do not bother to get their facts right.

Some even just concoct stories just to create sensationalism and drive traffic to their blogs.

What really irks me is what they tend to do in relation to pictures. When they want to break a story, in their rush to get the story out, they most often end up attributing the wrong pictures to the story.

Case Study

Take this photo of Lucy Quist, Managing Director of Airtel Ghana and Telecom CEO of 2016.

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Lucy Quist, CEO of Airtel Ghana
Lucy Quist, CEO of Airtel Ghana

If she seems vaguely recognizable, that is because some irresponsible bloggers have put up her images all around the internet and social media as the supposed replacement of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, Yolanda Cuba, who is actually the CEO of Vodaphone Ghana.

Yolanda Cuba, CEO of Vodafone Ghana
Yolanda Cuba, CEO of Vodafone Ghana

This kind of irresponsibility is unacceptable. How can you use one person’s image for another? How much of a rush are you in that you cannot simply take a few seconds to verify the images you attach to your stories?

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I know there are good political blogs out there that properly fact-checked and unbiased. The point I am driving at is that we need more of good bloggers and not the bad ones. It is the duty of us, the consumers of these blogs to hold the bloggers accountable for what they put up for us to read.

The example I gave is just one sample and I am sure that almost everyone has read something so unbelievably false they could not believe anyone could be so audacious as to write it.

These bloggers must be held accountable and since you decide what you click on, you draw the line separating what is acceptable and what is not.

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