WealthBankers was founded in 2014 with a clear-cut vision to have a massive impact across the globe but with a special focus on Africa through business, economic, human resource development endeavors.

Our founder aimed to accomplish this by encouraging the young, working African populace through developing platforms and initiatives that facilitated business, economic growth, and development in Africa and the world over.

Although the ideas for 80 percent of the platforms were available from the onset, active operations began with WealthBankers Job Arena (our global job site portal) as the first subsidiary of the conglomerate to be publicly activated.

The emergence of WealthBankers Job Arena was a revolution in the African Job Market as it initially started operations in 19 English speaking African countries, cutting across national boundaries and ethnic divides; hence serving reputable African individuals and businesses by effective connecting employers to qualified job seekers in each of the 19 countries we operated in.

WealthBankers Job Arena was a very welcomed ally of the African governments in their fight to curb youth unemployment for good.

The platform’s regions of operation have now grown to include 20 English-speaking African countries, 16 in the Americas and Carribean, 6 English-speaking Asian countries and 19 in Australia and the Pacific.


As previously stated, WealthBankers Job Arena is a subsidiary of WealthBankers, a member of Global Wealth Innovations’ network of about 20 companies in its quest to address unemployment in Africa.

What began as just the job site has today grown into several other platforms, actively impacting and positively influencing the Africa continent, economy and the world as a whole.

WealthBankers started operations in 19 African nations and has since grown tremendously. Also with just one active subsidiary, WealthBankers has grown to include several other platforms that have been greatly enhancing and facilitating the business and economic world. Riding on the back of our existing platforms are hundreds of partners and thousands of affiliates across the globe.


WealthBankers Platforms Publicly Active


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