WealthBankers Job Arena has joined the fight to curb African poverty and unemployment rate by providing a user-friendly platform to unite job seekers and employers in the African continent. We currently serve employers and job seekers in 19 English-speaking countries in Africa and are working to expand our services to the remaining African nations in the very near future.

We have the Jobs in Ghana, Jobs in Nigeria, Jobs in Botswana, Jobs in Kenya, Jobs in South Africa, Jobs in Cameron, Jobs in Gambia, Jobs in Uganda, Jobs in Rwanda, Jobs in South Africa, Jobs in Saint Helena, Jobs in Lesotho, Jobs in Liberia, Jobs in Malawi, Jobs in Mauritius, Jobs in Namibia, Jobs in Zambia, Jobs in Swaziland, Jobs in Seychelles, Jobs in Sierra Leone. Get Ahead!, keeping you in the loop on the latest jobs in African countries that speaks English, recent vacancies and  African job recruitment opportunities. Choose your job. Love your job.

WealthBankers Job Arena is a subsidiary of WealthBankers, a member of Global Wealth Innovations’ network of about 20 companies. The main site, WealthBankers, is still a work in progress with a bigger and better dream that would impact so many lives in Africa and the world in general. It will be announced to the general public in due time when completed.

Team Exhort – The 14 Exceptional Young Africans

In the spirit of empowering the African promising young generation, 14 young Africans (the youngest who was 16 years old) were tasked with the responsibility of creating and managing the Job Arena of WealthBankers.

“After just two weeks of training and adaptation, the team of 14, called Team Exhort, were already showing great promise, enthusiasm, and exceptionalism”.

Supervising Manager

These individuals were initially employed as expert writers of CyprusUni (a Study In Europe education consultancy) another member of the Global Wealth Innovations’ network of about 20 companies. The WealthBankers Job Arena was supposed to be their final training project to be completed in six months. But their enthusiasm and exceptionalism were made evident when they completed it just 2.5 months. The entire financing of the project was provided by WealthBankers.

“We’ve never had a group of employees with such talents who have bonded so quickly and worked so well as a unit. They surprised the whole management by advancing rapidly in their assigned project task”

Supervising Manager


Team Exhort Trusted with Supervised Ongoing Management

So since they’ve proven themselves to be quite capable of the task, top management has decided to let them run and manage the Job Arena with experienced supervision. And so far (as of August 2017), they have done an exceptional job by successfully completing the Beta management stage with over 500 jobs and 200 reputable international companies listed on the site.

These 14 young Africans are known as “Team Exhort”. And when asked why the name Team Exhort, Jane, the team’s youngest, replied:

“We wanted to change the African story and present Africa in the light of its budding youth who are full of potentials and yearn for such opportunities to show their capabilities. We wanted to be known as one who magnifies and encourages the large African youthful populace to achieve more and aim higher”

Jane Love

Being the youngest in the team does not intimidate her. In fact, she is one of the leaders. Jane is a basket of magnificent talents and this has separated her from the crowd ever since her high school days. She completed her Cambridge IGCSEs and is currently on a gap year break before continuing onto college in the science or arts fields because she’s good at both and can do any. She is yet to make her final decision.

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