The WealthBankers Job Arena affiliate/referral/publisher program is one of the most popular job affiliate programs available. The program pays a very impressive 35% percent commission of every sale for each new job posting purchased via your referral links hence giving members the opportunity to earn money. Because the site features thousands of job listings, your viewers will be eager to take advantage of this excellent job resource.

How Much Will You Make?

Our Affiliate Program is designed to maximize your earnings and your referrals to WealthBankers Job Arena. As such, the more active users you refer to us, the more you will earn. Once your WealthBankers Job Arena Partnership Program application is approved, you can set up links and start earning revenue right away.

wealthbanker job arena affiliate partners program

Get Started

If you are already an affiliate, you do not need to register again. Just use your normal affiliate link to continue to make commissions through your referral sales. (add partners[at]wealthbankers to your email contact. Info updates will be sent through email)

  • Step 1: After registering for FREE to join our affiliate program, Login to your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • Step 2: Get your links from the affiliate dashboard and publish them on your site, forums, social profile, emails,etc
  • Step 3: Get answers to your questions concerning our affiliate program by contacting us.
  • Step 4: Earn 35% commissions on all qualified sales. You can also participate in the contest.

Being one of the most recognized and trusted talent recruitment websites in Africa's job market, the WealthBankers Job Arena affiliate/referral/publisher program is a great choice for employers, marketers and individuals looking for offers with considerable consumer appeal. The huge database of job listings, resources, and other great features make this a great choice for virtually any website related to career, young-adult, graduated students, business, employment, education, etc.

3 Ways Our Members Make Revenue:

Job Posted — Members are compensated for every online Job Posting purchased and posted on WealthBankers Job Arena's website through the online form.

Job Postings Extended— Employers can post as many jobs as they wish and for as long as they want. Hence once a job post expires, employers are given the option to extend the post by purchasing more time. Members get a commission for each employer that extend their job postings through the member's affiliate link.

Resumes Featured — WealthBankers Job Arena resume aids the job seeker in their job search process, and members get a commission for each resume featured or promoted through the member's affiliate link. Uploading resumes is free for the job seeker.

By integrating your WealthBankers Job Arena affiliate links on your website, you're able to earn commission for the traffic you drive to WealthBankers Job Arena. For details, read the Affiliate Program FAQ.

Join many publishers, employers and individuals who get paid for simply recommending the Job Arena platform by sharing their personalized links with friends, on social media and/or by placing the links clearly on their sites.

Help people get jobs | Help employers find useful talents | Help yourself earn more

By just telling your website visitors, business associates, clients, and friends on social media of WealthBankers Job Arena, you receive lucrative commissions and get more spendable income.

Our partnership programs were designed to help your recommend beneficial services to your contacts and earn you more revenue as a reward.


Join many publishers, employers and individuals who get paid for simply recommending the Job Arena platform by sharing their personalized links with friends, on social media and/or by placing the links clearly on their sites.

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Do You Know?

Do you know that online job websites, boards and portals are some of the fastest growing areas of the web, especially in Africa. The popularity and usefulness of sites like WealthBankers Job Arena continues to grow at an exponential rate as more and more employers, job seekers, employees discover the tools and resources available online in finding quality talent, job offer vacancies and recruiting the perfect employees.

This is where you come in as a referrer, an affiliate of WealthBankers Job Arena or as a publisher owning and running your website/blog.

What You Should Know

This hot market in the talent recruitment, career and employment niche presents an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketers, bloggers, webmasters, business owners and other individuals. By freely partnering with us, you will benefit from our partnership programs (Affiliates|Referrers|Publishers) offers. It will not only help your friends, business clients-associates, colleagues & site visitors, but will also help you gain appreciation for sharing something valuable, credibility, trust, and earn you extra side income as well.

WealthBankers Job Arena possesses a great niche job affiliate program that is a perfect match for any website owner/blogger who wants to monetize their content, for business having relations in Africa, and for individuals wanting to earn extra income while helping others find jobs and talented potential employees. WealthBankers Job Arena, as a recognized pan African job & career portal, offers numerous opportunities for publishers/affiliates to promote great African job offers to an eager audience.

How it Works

Learn how our partnership programs will help you earn revenue while providing your contact and business partners with exceptional resources and service also adding valuable content to your site for free.

With so much success being recorded and more success potential being predicted,  job site affiliate program offers are very much sought after worldwide as a great treasure chest for every involved. WealthBankers Job Arena's publisher/affiliate/referral program is a must to consider if you wish to offer your African audience the best possible selection of services and career opportunities through your education, employment, career, or professional website.

Some places to share and promote your referral link to earn more.

>> Your website - write a blog post about posting jobs, about find job, etc         

>> On Social Media - share your link on your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn accounts, related groups and pages.

>>Online Forums - get involves such as nairaland forum, warriorforum, digitalpoint forum, InfoChat Forum etc                 

>> WhatsApp - you will whatsapp friends and group members will thank you for telling them of such great job opportunities. 

>> Email - send your link with a brief explanation to friend close and far.

Join WealthBankers Job Arena's Partnership/Affiliate/Referral/Publisher Program and partner with the easiest job posting service online.

Affiliates earn 35% of the purchase amount on any sales resulted from your referral.

WealthBankers Job Arena is the leading pan Africa focused marketplace for global professionals and regional companies. You are invited to partner with WealthBankers Job Arena.

Over our existence, WealthBankers Job Arena have hosted a massive community of  professionals, job seekers and corporate clients. As a webmaster/blogger, you can now provide job and career services to your visitors on your own website with WealthBankers Job Arena's partnership/affiliate/referral/publisher program  through your affiliate links and creative tools! If you are not a webmaster/blogger, don't worry; there is something for you.

Now you and anyone can be part of the excitement. Join the WealthBankers Job Arena partnership today!

Apply Today and Start Making Money

WealthBankers Job Arena has been assisting individuals, business owners and companies in Africa to find unique talents and to recruit their next employees by providing and managing an exceptional, well-organized, user-friendly platform for advertising and posting available job offers and vacancies in Africa.

WealthBankers Job Arena lets hiring managers easily access huge talent pools, rivaling every other large paid job sites servicing the African job market.

Benefits - Why More Employers, Publishers, and Individuals are Joining Everyday?

 It's free There are no charges or set-up fees to become a WealthBankers Job Arena partner
 You will provide a great service to your contactsNo matter who your audience is, careers are important to everyone. Becoming a WealthBankers Job Arena Affiliate will provide your users with a faster, easier, and more effective way to find a job in Africa
 You will start earning revenue immediately WealthBankers Job Arena will pay you a commission for each active job seeker or employer you refer to us. Once you join, we will give you access to your account where you can view your traffic and earnings reports
 You will partner with an industry leaderWealthBankers Job Arena is rated the #1 jobs site in the region. We offer the most flexible and sophisticated recruitment solution in Africa and we assure you that we are committed to the highest quality of customer service.
 High commission payoutsHighest industry commission - A 35% commission for every job posting referred via your links
Lifetime commissions
 permanent referral - refer now and earn for life. When you refer an employer to post a job on WealthBankers Job Arena, you can keep earning from them whenever they use the services provided on our platform. So the more employers you refer, the more your income grows exponentially
Lifetime cookie
 Most affiliate programs have a 30 - 60-day maximum cookie duration period. However with WealthBankers Job Arena, if you refer someone once through your affiliate link, you earn commissions even if they don't immediately make any purchase but return months later.
 Commission Type Pay Per Sale
Payment Method PayPal, Bank Transfer, Mobile Money
Payment Frequency
Monthly - Reliable monthly payouts and payment for each month will be paid the next month. This allows time for processing. So for example, referrals made in May will be paid payed out at the end of June.
Minimum Payout

 $5 for PayPal

$100 for bank transfer

$50 for mobile money

 Free Promotional ToolsFree affiliate links, tools, banners, and other resources. You win, We win. We have no reason to wish you failure but every reason to wish and help you to succeed.
 Accurate Trackingreferrals tracked by state of the art software so that you never lose any person that comes through your link. Your referral will be tracked from the moment the link is clicked till when the person leaves the site.
 Great Customer AppealAn excellent selection of job listing and opportunities. Your referrals (business owners/recruiters/job seekers/friends) will appreciate the quality service you recommend to them. Also, you are able to offer WealthBankers Job Arena's valuable services to your website's users.
 High Conversion RateGreat consumer appeal hence our job packages converts really well
 You work with the big dogs (the best)WealthBankers is the biggest hub of job offers for English speaking countries in the whole of Africa. Your referrals gain access to one of the largest online employment and career databases for English speaking countries in the whole of Africa
 You can't remind income-lessWealthBankers Job Arena partnership program pays YOU. Whether you are currently unemployed, a blogger trying to monetize her site or an employer want an extra income stream.

Who are our Partnership Programs for?

Our partnership programs were designed to help you grow the credibility and trust your friends, business associates, clients, and website readers have in you. Partner with WealthBankers Job Arena - help people get jobs, help employers find their next employees & earn extra revenue as well.


For webmasters and bloggers, adding our job publisher program offers to your website is an excellent way to monetize your site and provide a valuable service to your readers at the same time. Learn how our partnership programs will help you earn revenue while providing your contact and business partners with expectional resuores and servicealso adding valuable content to your site for free.

Partner with WealthBankers Job Arena
Help people get jobs & Get More from Your Audience. Our publisher program was designed to earn you more revenue


For employers and business owners; joining our job site referral program, and recommending us to your business partners and colleagues (by sharing your referral link with them), will help you build more quality relationships and in turn gain their appreciation as you introduce them to the best place to find quality reliable talents in Africa. You will also earn reward commissions from us.

Partner with WealthBankers Job Arena
Recommend us to your business partners and Earn their trust


For every individual inside and outside Africa, our affiliate program is a great way help the ever growing number of unemployed people find quality well paying jobs. It is also an excellent way to earn extra income and make your web browsing time more profitable as you can always leave your affiliate link in any public website or platform you use. You will earn huge 35% commissions whenever someone clicks your link and post a job. Learn how our partnership programs will help you earn revenue while providing your contacts and business partners with exceptional resources and service.

WealthBankers Partnership Programs Application

Applying for membership in the WealthBankers Job Arena Partnership Program is a great way to earn extra revenue from forums, social media, and your website. This good paying, reliable affiliate program for jobs/ employment affiliate niche monetization. By integrating your WealthBankers Job Arena affiliate links on your website or sharing on forums and social media, you're able to earn commission for the traffic you drive to WealthBankers Job Arena.