Best Job Hunting Sites Features For Your Safety

Job hunting boards such as Wealth Bankers have become very popular over the years. This is due to growth in the digital media and rising unemployment levels in Africa. This has positively influenced the job market by allowing employers easier access to reach their future employees.

The digital world keeps making everything easier by the day. These sites come with many benefits but since the world is made of both Yin and Yang’s, there is always going to be some people using this platform for negative things.

Very unfortunate and sad but yet it still happens.

This article raises pointers on features which would help you avoid bad ones at all cost.

If you are job hunting, there a number of things you can do to avoid these dangers. Fraudsters and other dangerous people may use these sites to gather information on people who use websites for job hunting purposes.

Be smart when choosing these board jobs.



The simplicity of Wealth Bankers Job Arena and its efficiency are simple reasons to trust this online Job Board. There are other features of Wealth Bankers you as a job seeker should take critical notice of wherever you find yourself hunting for a job.


Ability to View Jobs before Signing Up

Wealth Bankers allows a job seeker to view all available jobs without submitting a CV. This possibility is skipped by fraudsters who wish to gain access to your information before you get access to any available jobs.

The question here is even if you input your details, are these available jobs are even legit? Since you are able to research more on a job opening, you are barely given the chance to analyze the legibility of the available job offers posted on their websites.


Can you reach Support?

Ability to reach support and contact those who manage the website should be clearly made available to anyone accessing the job websites.

Whether it’s an email address or a call contact, the ability to contact those behind any job hunting website is a critical piece whenever it’s a legit site.

Reaching support from a job site isn’t just important to just the job seeker. But also to those behind the website since they would need some sort of feedback from people using their websites.


Do you get charged to access job opportunities?

You do not need any kind of settlement to be able to access jobs posted on And that’s exactly how it should be. Job boards are not job recruitment agencies which thrive on the payment of jobs seekers.

Therefore, if a job hunting site insists you should pay to be able to access the available job employers have posted, then you should really raise your eyebrows. Be very careful and do not fall for schemes set to feed off your frustrations of not finding a job.

Be patient and remember, good things come to those who wait.


Simplicity of the Job Website

Job hunting sites like Wealth Bankers are built to maximum levels of simplicity for job seekers to easily navigate through the site. When the site is easy to use, all jobs are viewed as they are, thereby avoiding confusion in application processes.

If you feel that a job hunting board is uncomfortable while using, it’s advisable to stay away from such a website.

This is not only because the website might be dangerous but also it can end up as a very big waste of time; the time you could be using on another site like to find yourself a befitting job.


The proper functionality of a website

Good job board websites take a lot of time in making sure their websites are functioning properly. This is because they invest so much time in making it a success.

An efficient employment website is continuously updated and evaluated according to functionality. After all, it is their desire to give their utmost best service to job hunters.

With all the new job opportunities springing daily, these sites make sure they can get these new jobs on their websites without delay.


Are the Jobs on the website posted directly from Employers?

Sometimes it might generally get hard to link jobs to the direct employers. This is because some institutions want to keep anonymity on their job openings.

Therefore some job agencies go on their behalf to get employees suitable for this job. It’s advisable to get sites that have more of direct recruiters than agencies. Because it can tend to be more convenient to both the candidate and the employer.


Will you be able to edit/update, or delete your résumé after getting a Job?

The possibility of being able to edit one’s résumé is supposed to be available. This is generally a big red flag if this option isn’t available.

Of course, you should also check if you are able to delete your résumé right after you have found yourself a job. Job sites that don’t have these options should be avoided at all cost.

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