Delivery Driver’s Job Interview Questionnaire

In the transportation sector, a delivery driver’s job concentrates on transport and delivery of a variety of light products or goods. They use vans, small trucks, bicycles, and motorcycles to pick, carry, and deliver the packages. All kinds of agencies and companies like parcel delivery companies or postal services hire delivery drivers.

Required skills will generally depend on the precise work ambiance. If you are looking for a delivery driver role for a restaurant, then you will need experience in customer services and cash handling.

If you are in search of freight truck driver then you will need specialty license as well as driving test to verify your driving skills. Supermarket jobs like package or warehouse delivery driver need the candidates to possess understanding about bar code materials or operating forklifts.


How to prepare for delivery driver’s job interview questionnaire?

  • Why do you choose a delivery driver career?

You can say – ‘I like working in a fast-paced environment with other people, so delivery driver job allows doing both”.


  • What is your driving record?

Honestly, tell the truth as they will possibly do a background check.


  • How much is your experience as a delivery driver?

Longer will be better, is obvious but tell the truth.


  • Is your insurance valid?

Insurance is crucial, so check it out and be prepared for the interviewer.


  • Why must we employ you?

Read the job description minutely along with the skills needed, so as to respond to this question decorously! Reassure the HR that you have the necessary skills for the said position.

For example, if you are interviewed for a pizza delivery driver then you will need to display the following. Show your communication skills, math skills, get order details correctly, and be a quick learner.


  • Do you own a vehicle?

All delivery driver jobs don’t need a personal vehicle. But even if you don’t tell the interviewer that your family member has one and you can access it.


  • What’s your strength?

You will need to convince that you can work well even under pressure because delivery drivers are always busy in the holiday season and weekends.


  • How will you deal with specific scenarios?

In case, you are in heavy traffic, say you will pull over and give a call to the customer about the delay in delivery.

In case you have to handle upset customer – apologize for any inconvenience caused and find ways to help fix the problem. Tell the interviewer that you will not allow the customer to crush you and impact future deliveries.

Like bus drivers jobs, a delivery driver career skills include excellent driving abilities, good familiarity about routes, be polite, have interpersonal capabilities, safety awareness and be reliable. Every type of driver on the road needs to be level headed and patient, so as to ensure the safety of others and themselves.


Front Line Role

Even though you will not be sitting at the desk, you will be the friendly face of your company. The helpful driver presents outstanding service at the customer’s doorstep every single day. You will need to represent your company before each customer.

Therefore, it is important to be flexible and competent to handle unexpected scenarios. Passionately and devotedly offer a high standard of customer service.

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