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How Job Posting Works

You have a job opening in your organisation to fill. You want to find qualified candidates, the right fit for your institution. You are looking for that professional individual to work with. Post your job offer now and find the right candidate in no time. WealthBankers Job Arena has access to thousands of professional personnel looking for jobs; they are willing to apply for your job offer and fill your vacant position.

We now have different job package pricing to fit your need, choose an African country below to see them. Posting your job on WealthBankers Job Arena has several advantages over using the free alternative and print advertisements.

Lots of Advantages - Advertise a job vacancy now and explore these features and more:


  • -- Very competitive pricing and faster results compared to print advertisements and any other alternatives.
  • -- Post and Advertise Your Jobs to only qualified candidates and start receiving applications in minutes. Our branded job ads make your job standout.
  • -- Edit your live ad anytime. Add any missing requirement you might have forgotten initially - feel free to make changes to your job ads anytime.
  • -- Your job advert will remain live for as long as you want for a maximum duration 60 days and can be extended anytime.
  • -- Multiple applicant management system allow qualified candidates to apply directly on our job portal, through email or on an external site of your choosing.
  • -- Search the Robust Database of professionals' resumes on WealthBankers Job Arena to find the best candidates who may not apply but are still interested. Filter through the results to get the best candidate for the job.
  • -- Extra exposure on social media. Your job advert with be shared will our followers on Facebook.
  • -- Very user friendly and clutter-free Job posting page.
  • -- Assistance with promoting your employment brand. Employment branding is the process of placing an image of being a “great place to work? in the minds of the targeted candidate pool. A successful employment branding strategy energizes the best potential candidates to apply for jobs at your organization.
  • -- Customer and Sales Support - Rely on professional account management and training.
  • -- Local knowledge of the African Job Market.
  • -- Covers entire African local market, which gives additional visibility to your brand and your job advert.
  • -- Industry Data and Info - Stay informed with news, trends and information provided by our in-house editorial team.
  • -- Longer shelf-life than Print adverts, live job offer page for 30 - 60 days. The can be extended if needed.
  • -- Global reach and strong contacts within the African professional community in the Diaspora.