How to Find Job Opportunities in Nigeria

The task of many job seekers is one that can easily overwhelm even the most battle-hardened people. Finding any type of job in the ever-growing Nigerian market is not easy considering that you are competing with several others for these jobs.

Whether you are searching for internship opportunities or entry-level jobs, your task is not going to be as straightforward as we have been made to believe. These difficulties do not just persist in one part of Nigeria but it permeates the entirety of the Nigerian job market.


The Current Status of the Nigerian Job Market

Job opportunities in Nigeria today are not as simple as they were in years past. They keep getting harder and more difficult each and every passing year.

People go from searching for jobs in Lagos to the very busy Abuja and the bustling city of Port Harcourt. So, it is easy to see why some job seekers quit and either return to school or move to a different country.

Contrary to what most people may think or believe, there are several great job opportunities provided by Nigerian companies. It’s just that most people do not know about them.

There are several reasons why many Nigerians are not able to find jobs. One of them is an interest in highly competitive job openings.

Many people focus on these areas because they look at the huge monthly salary and the prestige attached to these jobs. These jobs tend to have very high minimum requirements that only a few applicants are able to meet. And even with that, the number tends to be much higher than most people imagine.


Job Opportunities in Nigeria for Interns

Internship opportunities are not as rare as many people make them out to be. There are several companies that provide internship opportunities to people especially students who are yet to graduate from the university.

Many companies like to employ interns to assist certain areas of their business because many regard them as free or cheap labor. As an intern or potential intern, you can use this to your advantage. You can use the internship opportunity provided to add to your working experience.

This experience can come in handy in either that company or another company in a related field.


How do you find these opportunities?

Firstly, you need to identify companies in a particular field that interest you and pay them a visit. Inquire about any potential internship opportunities that are available and apply if necessary.

Most people assume that companies would advertise internship opportunities when they become available but that is rarely the case. Most companies like to keep quiet on internship opportunities available. Instead, they prefer that potential applicants came and enquired directly from them.

Another way to find internship opportunities is to check on company websites. There are certain opportunities that are made public on the website or careers page of certain companies.

There are several of these opportunities on many company websites. And most of them have deadlines that span no longer than a month. Some are only made public for a week before they are taken down from the web page.


Job Opportunities in Nigeria for Fresh Graduates

Fresh or recent graduates are the demographic that really struggle as job seekers with most remaining unemployed. Some even have to return to school for further studies and advanced degrees.

This demographic is usually the group that has the highest expectation of the job market. If you belong to this group and you are searching for a job in Nigeria, be rest assured that there are several opportunities for you.


Job Opening Placements

Most companies usually place job opportunities within news articles and items on their websites. They are usually placed in news items or stories that they know most people will not be looking at.

They do this type of thing to basically test how smart and deductive the potential applicants are. This is shown if they can locate opportunities that are hidden in plain view where no one would bother to look.

Very few people actually see this type of opportunity and as such the number that applies to these types of jobs is very few.


What You Should Do

The next time you visit that company website, do well to look carefully at all items posted there recently. You might find an opening that few people may see.

It is also necessary for fresh graduates to also spend time acquiring another skill that they might use to complement their university degrees. What makes you different from the other person also applying for the same job?

  • Investing in a skill you know most companies need or will need in the future is also important. The reason being that it gives you a potential advantage over others. You will be amazed at how many opportunities you qualify for after gaining some additional useful skills.

Job seekers within this demographic should also avoid applying to saturated markets. Rather, they should focus on jobs that few people are applying for. Your chances of being employed are higher in those areas. Because there are fewer people apply for those jobs and the minimum requirements tend to be low.


Job opportunities for Masters Graduates

Job seekers who held a Master’s degree were once regarded as the best of the bunch and as such finding jobs was not difficult. But with more Nigerians pursuing and graduating with Master’s degrees, the competition for jobs has become even fierce.

Even with this type of competition, there are several opportunities for graduates with master’s degrees.

In order to reduce the number of first-degree holders applying, most companies have increased the minimum requirement from a Bachelor’s degree to a Master’s degree.

Since there are fewer Masters Degree holders, such job seekers have a higher chance of being employed than those who only have a Bachelor’s degree.


Are Qualifications Enough?

Many job seekers focus only on their qualifications and fail to leverage other skills and talents they have. So that they can give themselves the upper hand over the competition. If you meet the minimum requirements set by a company, it is also necessary to use any skills that are unique to you.

This is to prove to potential employers that you are versatile. And that it would be cheaper to employ you since they do not have to employ another person to do those other tasks.


In Conclusion

Even though the job opportunities in Nigeria today seem to be few, there are in reality several opportunities that many people are not aware of. A lot of people want to find jobs that pay them huge monthly salaries right at the beginning but these jobs rarely materialize for many.

There are, however, jobs that pay small salaries but provide several opportunities and packages that are better than the salary. Many job seekers should also be willing to start small. Or become part of a company that is just starting up and must be willing to work for free or for cheap.

In the end, the person not only becomes an integral part of a future empire but they also gain valuable working experience that might make them eligible for other more lucrative jobs opportunities.

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