Airborne Survey Engineer/ Chief Air Operator EKE064 at Kontak Recruitment, Fourways – South Africa Job Vacancy


  • Computers
  • Windows System Administrator level knowledge including Windows and App installation, configuration, cleanup, debugging, problem solving, networks, etc.
  • Electrical
  • Basic electrical knowledge in both AC and DC.
  • Lidar systems – Optech, Leica or Reigl
  • Installation, removal, cleaning, configuration, calibration and operation
  • Cameras – RGB, Thermal and Hyperspectral
  • Installation, configuration, cleaning, testing and operation.
  • Mission Planning
  • Data handover and sanity checks
  • Coverage checks
  • Data integrity and redundancy
  • Geospatial knowledge
  • Competence working with Map Projections, Survey Datums, conversions, transformations, etc.
  • Processing
  • Raw data extraction and backups.
  • A minimum of basic level Lidar and image processing using Microstation CAD, TScan, TMatch and TPhoto.
  • Ground Survey
  • GPS control and check point planning and field operation
  • Aviation
  • Safety, medical, operations, flight planning, customs, immigration, etc.



  • Perform normal Air Operator duties
  • Supervise the Air Operators and their outputs.
  • Ensure that Air Operators are adequately trained.
  • Receive project requests from the Operations Manager and ensure that the mission is flown to the required specifications and is on time.
  • Assign Air Operators to projects.
  • Implement operating procedures for the Air Operators.
  • Provide first response level advice to the Air operators.
  • Liaise with hardware & software suppliers for maintenance, fault finding, snag escalation, etc.
  • Ensure safety procedures are followed.
  • Ensure that each sensor is installed correctly, maintained and calibrated.
  • Receive feedback from Processing Department regarding the quality of each aerial mission.
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