Consultant to Conduct Scooping Study at Camfed, Accra – Ghana

Camfed is an international non-profit organisation established in 1993 with a mission to multiply girls’ access to education and accelerate the benefits to individuals, their families and communities in Africa. Camfed works to tackle poverty and inequality by supporting girls to go to school and succeed, and empowering young women to become leaders of change.

Camfed invests in girls and women in the poorest rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, where girls face acute disadvantage but where their empowerment transforms communities.

Job Title: Consultant to Conduct Scooping Study

Job Location: Accra, Greater Accra

Job Summary

  • Within the context of the need to conduct a wider sectoral survey, Camfed intends to first undertake a scoping study of the potential beneficiaries of the Entrepreneurship Program. This scoping study will seek to gather the views of the potential Entrepreneurs, their areas of business interest and which business sectors they find most attractive within their context and geographic areas of residence
  • The scoping study, considered as a Phase 1 study, is the focus of this Terms of Reference. A separate subsequent follow up study (Phase  2) focusing on undertaking a wider sectoral survey will be
  • conducted in due course. It is expected that the feedback and findings gathered through the Phase 1 scoping study will inform the design and focus of the Phase 2 study

Job Description

The specific objectives of the scoping study will be to:

  • Map out the broad sectors and specific types of businesses that potential   Cama Entrepreneurs are interested in. This will include mapping out preferred levels of operation ranging from micro to small scale, medium and large sized enterprises
  • Assess the underlying drivers that inform their business interest, paying particular attention to  contextual  factors  such  as  living  conditions,  family  circumstances  and  geographic locational factors. Locational factors will be further explored from the rural/urban context and the north/south divide between regions in Ghana (for example relating to religion or socio-cultural factors)
  • Map out gaps in skillsets of potential Cama Entrepreneurs that may support or hinder their ability to run successful businesses
  • Assess support systems, available networks and business linkages that may serve to either enhance or limit prospective areas of business interests

Qualification and Requirements

  • A minimum of a Degree is required
  • At least 2 years work experience

Approach and Methodology

  • We anticipate that a primarily qualitative approach will be relevant and appropriate for this study and the issues to be explored
  • We  encourage the adoption of strong Participatory Learning Approaches, involving the active participation of a representation of Cama Advisory Persons who will be involved in all key stages of the study: in the inception phase, the field level engagements with fellow Cama members and other Stakeholders, and in the creation of recommendations
  • Participant observations of the family and community environment, relationships between potential entrepreneurs and their families/community members and relationships amongst Cama peers may merit consideration to understand findings

Activities to be undertaken

  • To achieve the overall goal of the Phase 1 scoping study, the consultant  shall undertake the following specific activities:
  • Targeted consultative meetings with potential Cama Entrepreneurs
  • Wider  stakeholder  consultative  meetings  with  parents  and  community members  to triangulate information and get a sense of support available to potential entrepreneurs
  • Desk review of relevant documents
  • Validation meeting  with  relevant  stakeholders  to  validate  preliminary findings  emerging from fieldwork and inform the drafting of the scoping study report

Duration and Expected Deliverables

  • Submission of a work plan and an inception report outlining the proposed methodology and sample, detailed timeline for the work, draft field instruments for interviews, and any other screening questionnaires
  • Camfed will review and approve this Plan ahead of the work being undertaken Camfed will provide logistics support to the consultant
  • A brief review of secondary sources on the topic area. The review will be used to inform the development of the study report and will be attached as an annex to the main report
  • Data collection in the field
  • Validation meeting and sharing of preliminary findings
  • Submission of draft report and findings, which should not be longer than 40 pages (excluding annexes)
  • This report will be reviewed by Camfed and comments shared with the consultant
  • Submission of the final report, incorporating comments and suggestions from Camfed, and any additional information gathered in the interim

Fees and Payment Terms

The total budget available for fees is GHS 30,000.00. Camfed Ghana will deduct the prevailing withholding tax as per Ghana Income Tax Act 592 and subsequent  amendments. Payment for services will be made directly to the Consultant by Camfed, as outlined in below:

  • Submission  and  acceptance  of  Work Plan and Inception Report-40%
  • Submission and acceptance of Draft Report-30%
  • Submission and acceptance of Final Report-30%
  • TOTAL-100%

Project Management

  • Overall management of the Scoping study on a day-to-day basis, including the receipt and review of deliverables, will be coordinated by Camfed through a Steering Committee. The Committee will include designated members of Camfed Ghana, Camfed International and Cama Advisory Group members who will report to the Executive Director of Camfed. The Steering Committee will ensure that the scoping study proceeds in a collaborative, ethical and participatory manner

Proposal Submission

Interested consultants are requested to submit a proposal of no more than 5 pages (excluding CVs) outlining:

  • How you would approach this job
  • Previous relevant experience
  • The team composition and reporting lines
  • One report sample of a similar study conducted. The report should be relevant, or similar to, the subject area of this study
  • Two professional references
  • Curriculum Vitae of all team members should be no longer than 3 pages

Company Details

Camfed supports marginalized girls to go to school, succeed and lead

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