Ground Support Equipme Nt Ope Rators (Based In Vfax 4; Nara Re X Land Bulawayox 2) – Expiry Date: 2019-09-27

Duties and Responsibilities:
Operates Ground Support Equipment in accordance with laid regulations.
Sorts cargo according to bays in the warehouse.
Checks cargo baggage for damages and prepares reports accordingly.
Tows baggage to and from aircraft.
Conducts aircraft push back and towing, flight dispatch using headset, aircraft chocking, ground power and air start operation as required.
Drives staff on and off duty.
Operates cargo equipment(fork lifts, trolleys).
Prepares bingo sheets and ot her documents for baggage and cargo as required.
Cleans equipment, offices, cargo warehouse and aircraft Conducts toilet servicing of aircrafts
Qualifications and experience required:
– 5″O” l….

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