Lease Officer at Concept Group

The genesis of The Concept Group was initially borne from a functional and structural approach, simply delivering better effectiveness through shared services of back office functions for its more market facing organizations.

As the organization grew, the Group along with its member subsidiaries have evolved to embody much more. As a tested guiding light, our core values which we passionately uphold give us a sense of purpose and direction not only in our professional but in our private lives also. These values summarized are based on three pillars; (Great) People, (Continuous) Innovation and the (Ideal) Culture.JOB OBJECTIVE: 

To generate sales as stated in the set departmental and personal targets.
Responsible for all leasing functions; which includes reviewing and negotiating lease transactions and agreements. 
Oversee completion of all necessary paperwork and ensure proper customer service.


Working closely with internal teams to provide key business insights, define and implement appropriate sales, marketing, operational and business development strategies to maximize sales and profitability of the business.
 Development of new  sales ideas 
Keeping up-to-date with supply and demand, changing trends, economic indicators and competitors.
Manages personal daily activities to align with departmental goals and targets in accordance with organization policies and standards.
Responsible for generating lease leads and Business support loans.
Fostering partnerships and relationships with key customers both externally and internally.
Keeping abreast of marketing activities, regulators requirements peculiar to our business
Conducting in-depth research to identify new market opportunities and consumer preferences.

Source: MyJobMag Job Feed