Malaria Program Manager at USAID

USAID/Nigeria in Abuja is seeking to employ a suitable and qualified candidate for the position of Malaria Program Manager in the Health, Population and Nutrition Office.BASIC FUNCTION:
The Malaria Program Manager works under the supervisn o n of the Health/Population/Nutrition (HPN) team leader with the two President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Resident Advisors to provide technical and program expertise to the HPN Team. The primary responsibility is project management and to provide technical advice on malaria to members of the HPN Team as needed. This includes acting as AOR!COR (agreement officer representarive/contracting officer representative) for bilateral agreements or contracts, Activity Manager of field support activities, participating in design of new programs/projects and evaluation of ongoing programming, advising the Mission and other stakeholders (including Ministry of Health [MOU] and other donors) on best practices. participating in relevant sector-wide technical working groups with the Malt and other donors. and helping USAlD/Nigeria integrate malaria into other areas of its portfolio, including family planning. and maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS and education. The project manager keeps abreast of current publications and information on malaria, and its programming in developing countries, in order to advise the Mission on all issues related to malaria,
a. Program/ProjectManagement- 45%
The principal responsibility of the Malaria Program Manager is to act as AOR!COR and program/project! activity manager. Provides review and approval of work plans, budgets, performance monitoring plans, quarterly and annual reports, and other key documents for USAID-supported projects. Provides guidance on new program initiatives, drafts program documents to secure funding and implement activities. and manages the relationships between USAID/Nigeria and implementing partners (Ips) implementing malaria activities. Provides technical assistance in capacity building,” planning, implementation. monitoring. and evaluation to key USAID governmental and non-governmental partners, in order to ensure that they develop measurable plans and objectives for implementation of innovative malaria projects. Based on skill and knowledge in financial and program management. provides oversight to ensure that USAID-supported malaria programs achieve anticipated results, are linked to and enhance attainment of IlPN and PMl objectives. which are aligned with GoN priorities and implemented within the framework of USG foreign assistance policies. Conducts regular site visits to monitor progress of activities and provide technical and programmatic recommendations.
b. Technical advice and advocacy- 35%
Serves as a point of contact within the Mission for all matters related to malaria. Ensures technical and programmatic synergy within USAID/Nigeria-supportcd malaria activities, and between those of USG and other development partners, by facilitating the exchange of technical information and identifying and fostering opportunities for partnership on technical and programmatic activities. Participates as a Mission representative in national-level technical, programmatic, and policy meetings, and in consultations with other donors, government officials. and IPs. Develops policies and guidelines to integrate malaria activities into other Mission health- related activities, including family planning, maternal child health, HI V I AIDS, education. and the conflict affected North. Advocates for malaria programs, and additional funding in the PMI portfolio in order to achieve targets and goals.
c. Other- 20%
Ensures that IPs receiving malaria funding are compliant with PMI regulations. Provides technical and programmatic support, including developing presentations and talking points, and serves as site officer for high-level delegations, other visitors, and overall USG and USAlDMission needs. Maintains responsibility for supporting the PMI Team. the HPN Office, and the Mision in developing the malaria operational plan and malaria portions of the agency operational plans. Responds to reporting requirements and requests from within the Mission, and from USAID/Washington and others, as needed
NOTE: All applicants MUST address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive information supporting each criterion or the application will not be considered.
a. Education: Masters Degree in Public Health, Nursing, Health Management or a related field is required.
b. Prior Work Experience: Five to seven years of progressive responsible professional experience working in the health. particularly malaria, and/or the development field in Nigeria. Three years of this experience should be in the planning. development. implementation, and evaluation of malaria or integrated health programs for other donor organizations, or Nigerian public or private sector institutions is required
c. Language Proficiency: Levell V (Fluency) English is required.
d. Knowledge: State-of-the art. specialized knowledge of technical and programmatic approaches in public health, especially in malaria, and knowledge of program management strategies. and monitoring and evaluation methods is required. A demonstrated knowledge of the concepts, principles, techniques, and practices of Nigerian malaria control policies and programs is required.
e. Abilities and Skills: Must be able to work effectively with mid- and senior-level public and private sector officials from the GoN and IPs. Must be able to work effectively in a team environment. and coordinate wen with others. Must be able to develop effective and collaborative manager-to-manager relationships with IPs. The work requires excellent writing and computer skills, in order to develop presentations, reports, etc. Diplomacy. tact, cultural sensitivity, and Team participation arc required, in order to establish and maintain effective working relationships within USAlDlNigeria, and with the Nigerian public and private sectors. Excellent organizational skills, and the ability to multi-task and stay organized in a complex, frequently changing environment is a requirement. Demonstrated advanced analytical skills and problem solving. as well as the ability to effectively manage stress and conflict. is required.
It is essential that the candidate address the required qualifications above in the application.

Management will consider nepotism/conflict of interest. budget, and residency status in determining successful candidacy.
Current employees serving a probationary period are not eligible to apply.
Current employees who are qualified will be given preference.
Only successful applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be notified.
The Human Resources Office will NOT accept applications or resume submitted in U.S. Government official envelopes.
The minimum requirements must be adequately addressed in the cover letter of your application package. Failure to do so will disqualify your application.

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