Medical Doctor at King Solomon Hospital

Job Summary

Diagnose patient conditions using examinations and tests. Based on their findings, they prescribe treatment and medications to attempt to heal any illnesses or injuries.
General practitioners and pediatricians have a wide range of medical knowledge and they are often the first types of doctors who patients visit. Most doctors routinely work in teams, with nurses and aides assisting them in well-lit work locations.


Provision of general/specialist medical care to patients
Medical evacuation and resuscitation services
Leadership role in the medical team-providing general/specialist input as appropriate towards the development of procedures and protocols for optimization of services
Provide health education for patients, subordinates and management in developing a healthy workforce
Ensure suitability, availability and serviceability of all equipment needed to deliver routine and specialist care in anesthesia and critical care
Conduct general medical clinic at the hospital
Be available for after clinics emergency care
Refer complicated cases to Specialized Hospitals.


Must have relevant degree (MBBS)
Must have been done with NYSC or Possess an exemption
Must be registered.

Source: MyJobMag Job Feed

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