Relationship Manager at Concept Group

The genesis of The Concept Group was initially borne from a functional and structural approach, simply delivering better effectiveness through shared services of back office functions for its more market facing organizations.

As the organization grew, the Group along with its member subsidiaries have evolved to embody much more. As a tested guiding light, our core values which we passionately uphold give us a sense of purpose and direction not only in our professional but in our private lives also. These values summarized are based on three pillars; (Great) People, (Continuous) Innovation and the (Ideal) Culture.The Relationship Manager will mainly be responsible for daily interactions and meetings with existing clients, basically fostering a great relationship with Clients via routine checks, calls, emails etc. He/she will also enlighten them about the products and services, maximizing every opportunity to upsell and cross-sell to them. The relationship manager will guide the clients to make the best decisions and possibly repeat purchases and work with team members from various departments within the organization to achieve set objectives.

Duties & Responsibilities

Building and maintaining positive relationships with existing clients to maximize value and possible referrals
Maximize every opportunity to cross-sell and upsell the company’s products and/or services to existing clients
Identifying opportunities for strategic partnership for expansion purposes
Bridge post consummation process  gaps and serve as a channel of communication between existing B2B Clients and the organization
Devising means to increase retention rate, personalizing and fostering long and sustainable business relationships for all existing B2B clients.
Maintain interactions with High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs), following up with them for monthly repayment and possible referrals.
Drive customer retention through repeat businesses, creating opportunities to cross/up-sell.
Develop strong relationships with existing B2B customers through optimal customer service delivery
Ensure timely and cost-effective service delivery outcomes for all existing customers.
Identify key staff in client companies to cultivate profitable relationships and referrals
Expand the relationships with existing clients by continuously proposing solutions that meet their needs
Communicate new products to existing clients in a way that they’ll be encouraged to buy-in
Log all interactions with clients on log document to facilitate follow up and easy reference
Prepare a comprehensive data-driven report on all B2B post-transaction activities  to line manager for effective decision making
Forward other new opportunities to the appropriate sales team to cross or up-sell
Promote high-quality sales, supply and customer service processes
Aim to preserve customers and renew contracts for repeat patronage
Gain solid knowledge of competitors in order to propose a strategy to drive sales and enhance customer retention.
Review old database to encourage repeat business

Source: MyJobMag Job Feed