System Support Consultant at International Executive Service Corps (IESC), Accra – Ghana Job Vacancy

Development of Inspection and Certification System Support Consultant


To oversee and support the development of an inspection and certification system for produce in Ghana with key stakeholders and a local IT firm.


Ghana has a very high potential for commercial fruit and vegetable production and export. However, for the country to access international markets, Ghanaian products must comply with sanitary and phytosanitary standards (SPS). Poor identification and mitigation of pests has often led to the presence of harmful organisms such as the fruit fly and false coddling moth in export shipments, resulting in export rejections. These rejections indicate that capacity and awareness challenges exist not just at the producer level, but also with inspection and export certification. The country’s institutional framework for SPS currently lacks coordination, tools, resources, and human capacity to comply with recognized standards and international regulations.

In 2014, the European Union (Ghana’s major export market) provided an official notice to the Government of Ghana regarding the presence of harmful organisms in Ghanaian horticultural products. Following further interceptions of horticultural products, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Ghana (MOFA) imposed a voluntary ban on the export of certain vegetables to Europe, including major export crops such as chilies, to avoid official sanctions. This voluntary ban was later recognized by the European Union (EU) who has imposed a ban on the export of some horticultural produce such as chili and other vegetables. Contrary to the expectations of Ghanaian producers and exporters that the ban was to be lifted in December 2016, it has been extended to December 2017.

The Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate (PPRSD) of MOFA has initiated the development of a custom software platform to assist with the process of produce certification and inspection activities. A private Ghanaian software developer, Silent Star Ltd., is supporting the development of the system.

Through the Improving Food Safety Systems Project (IFSSP), IESC is supporting PPRSD, the Ghanaian Export Authority (GEPA) and the private sector to comply with sanitary and phytosanitary standards and adopt a traceability system for the export of fruits and vegetables. Critical government inspections and enforcement actors have been engaged. A taskforce of relevant stakeholders as been established and the private sector has been surveyed to confirm needs as well as ongoing individual commercial activities related to certification, inspection and traceability.

IESC has contracted GeoTraceability Inc., a global ICT provider, to develop a Traceability System tracing exported produces back to the farms where they were produced. The Traceability System and the Inspection and Produce Certification System operated by PPRSD will need to work alongside and exchange data.

IESC is committed to support PPRSD in the development of the Inspection and Produce Certification System and wants to recruit a consultant who will work with PPRSD and Silent Star to make the system operational.

Consultant Tasks:

· Review previous assessments of system, audit reports and relevant key project materials.

· Assess the Inspection and Produce Certification System developed by Silent Star Ltd.

· Identify gaps in system and propose solutions to ensure that the system is operational.

· Analyze user needs and requirements.

· Analyze system for propose and fit of use.

· Develop a project plan and roadmap of the steps needed to deliver a fully functional system meeting the users’ requirements.

· Determine desired features and operations in details including screen layouts, process diagrams, procedures and other relevant items.

· Propose a development plan for system.

· Guide and advise Silent Star Ltd. in the completion of the system.

· Review all of Silent Star Ltd.’s work and provide coaching as needed.

· Conduct tests covering all components to check for errors, bugs and interoperability.

· Assist Silent Star Ltd. with preparation of an appropriate user’s manual.

· Draft final evaluation report of system with recommendations and next steps outlined and deliver final presentation.


· Detailed project plan including schedule, activity and milestones.

· Detailed functional requirements document for system.

· Assessment report identifying gaps and proposing alternative solutions.

· Detailed proposal for features and operations, including screen layouts, process diagrams, procedures and other relevant documents.

· Formal development plan for system.

· Progress report on system development and operability.

· Final user’s manual for system.

· Final evaluation report of system with recommendations.

· Presentation on final evaluation.

Level of Effort:

The estimated level of effort is 30 days.


· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field;

· 10 progressive years of IT related experience in custom Web applications development, maintenance and enhancement combined with 5 or more years of Project Management experience, preferably with Software as a Service platforms;

· Familiar with test driven development;

· Experience with Node.js, MongoDB, Oracle MySQL Database;

· Experience in systems release management;

· Strong leadership, collaboration, communication and team engagement skills;

· Fluency in oral and written English is required;

· Experience working in Ghana or West Africa region;

· Experience working in agriculture and/or the food safety sector is an asset.

Company Details

International Executive Service Corps is an international economic development not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C.


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