We understand that the online payment systems in Africa isn't yet as strong as everyone hopes hence we have provided offline payment for your job posting. Unfortunately, offline payment is more complicated and as a result, this option is only available to employers living in Ghana. We are working to extend it to other nations in the near future.

Steps to Posting Your Job Offer Advert Using Offline Payment

1. Pay the posting fee. We accept payment through Mobile Money for who can not pay online.

--- The amount to pay is Ghc 67.00

--- In the mobile money reference area include the phone number you listed in step 2.

--- Follow step 2 to send us your payment confirmation details.

2. Submit your job posting details for publication.

After you have paid, send us an email ([email protected]) and include in it:

--- The payment details such as name of Merchant/your mobile money name, the date and time you paid.

--- In the same email, clearly include required information for your job offer posting_ see example below.

Required information needed to post your job offer:

Job Title: (eg. Marketing Executive Manager)
Job Location: (eg. Banjul, Lagos, Kumasi)
Job Type:
Job Category:
Application email/URL: How to apply - contact details ( email address or/and webpage link )
Company Name: (eg. Stewhen & Yhafewn Ltd)
Job Description: Give details ( A MUST - not less than 150 words )
Qualification Required & Experience:
Contact Details: Your Phone Number/s ( put this numbers in mobile money reference area - see STEP 1 )
Job Offer Closing Date:

Send your mobile money payment confirmation details (explained above) and your job advert details to [email protected].

3. Once we receive your email include both your payment confirmation and job offer posting details (both are need to publish your job ad), we will review and confirm them. Your job offer advert will be published on our website after the details you send in the email has been confirm.

We will then contact you either through phone or email to inform you when your job ad has been published. Please make sure you include your phone number to enable us to call you.