5 Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Consider Using a Job Board

Job board are the rage among your average job seeker is recent times. It is one of the first links to reaching your dream job online in this technological era. Job board should not be confused with recruitment agencies though they are similar.

Most recruitment agencies have functioning job boards online because of the popularity of them. If you are a fresh graduate, looking to switch jobs or simply want to gain experience through internships, then consider job boards.

There are a lot of job boards to pick from, for example, Glassdoor, Indeed, Craigslist, Monster, Dice and new job board in Africa called WealthBankers Job Arena. Therefore, visiting these sites as a job seeker increases your chance of securing a job.

For job seekers new to the concept of job boards, here are the reasons you should consider applying for a job through an online job board.


  1. Uncover the latest opportunities

Visiting most job boards, it will be observed that though they have different platforms the arrangement is systematic. Job seekers can discover opportunities as they appear. As is the case with most websites, the newest things appear as they are uploaded.

There are job opportunities posted intermittently any time of the day. This gives you access to new job opportunities. In addition, you can enter the job criteria according to your specifications in special search engines on these job boards.

This streamlines your job search and provides the results most relevant to you.


  1. Opportunity to be the hunted.

Job boards are not only limited to looking for jobs but can be used as a tool for employee discoverability. The jobs posted on job boards are done by recruitment agencies and employer’s looking to fill the vacant position.

Aside from posting these jobs, they scout online for a qualified individual who best fits the advertised position.

They do this by searching for the roles they want to fill by searching for CV’s using keywords to find the right candidate. Therefore, it is advisable to fill your CV with relevant keywords that can enable job seekers and recruiters to track you based on your skills online.

This advantage makes job search so easy. This is because recruiters and employers after reviewing your profile may contact you personally if you fit their job description.


  1. Take Advantage of Job Alerts

Most Job boards give you the option of subscribing to job alerts. Based on the job criteria you fill online, the job board is able to select jobs that best suit your qualifications.

Also based on the method of communication you are most comfortable with, you could receive these alerts by email or via SMS. So for example, you are looking for an engineering job in Accra, Lagos or Nairobi, you set these keywords into the job alert criteria. That is all, you are good to go.

The key advantage of Job Alerts is, you are able to keep your options open. That is, you can keep an eye on multiple locations, jobs, and even industries.


  1. Research about your ideal job

Still unsure about the career path to pursue? Or you not sure the job you should apply for with your skill set. Conducting your research using a general search engine is the common way to go but it can get frustrating and time-consuming.

Job boards are excellent platforms for this research. Whether you considering a career option or want to know the job requirements for a job, job boards provide you with a more streamlined base.

The huge amounts of jobs posted daily on job boards make them an excellent platform for career guidance. For job seekers who are unsure the kind of jobs to apply due to their skill set, keywords search on job boards is a good way to start. This helps you to plan your next move.

Also if you are planning on undertaking a future career, you can use the job board to provide some insight. Using job board search titles help you to find a career you are looking for and in addition, provide related job opportunities you can explore.


  1. Get more info from the latest career advice

Most job boards feature career advice on the platform. It is a means of informing and educating both job seekers and employers about the latest job trends, tips and so more. These career advice are written by expert and career writers.

Taking the time to read these articles are extremely beneficial to your job search. Apart from the articles on the job board, they also feature blogs dedicated solely on information about the job market.

If you are fresh on the job market, it is good to read on these to do guide you to create the perfect CV, what to do at a job interview and others. For a more seasoned professional, one can learn about work trends, work practices, and more.

Some job board also have forums where job seekers and employers can discuss issues and connect with each other. An example is WealthBankers Job Arena, a job board that serves job seekers and employers in Africa.


Job boards are a great way for job seekers to take advantage of the job market. It creates active participation in the job market. You can also try the tips, guides and others to give your search competitive advantage.

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