The Strategic Recruitment and Selection Process for Employers

With the advancement of technology and science in all spheres of life, the business world has grown even much more competitive. Sales targets and profit margins seems to be all that matters.

But that is not entirely true.

Today organizations, no matter the industry face fierce competition and are being threatened to be upstaged. Market shares are dropping and their best employees are being poached.

The need for effective and strategic recruitment and selection have never been higher.

Employers have come to realize that profit margins, market share and sales is a direct reflection of the human capital they have at their disposal.

Companies are run by people, and the most profitable companies are the ones that have the right personnel at the helm of affairs to produce results.

To be effective as an organization, there is a need to have the best people for the job.


Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection of the best applicants are vital to every organization. In order to achieve excellence, it is imperative that organizations work with the most qualified people.

This approach proves to be more economical and easy when done this way. It is the duty of the human resource department to strategize & look at industry trends. So that they can be able to project the kind of skills and personnel that may be needed.

Which, in turn, will further enhance and achieve organizational goals in the near future.

The key to doing this is to plan ahead and identify such skills and people even before a vacancy opens up in any position. This strategy should involve the organization, matching its resources in the long term to the current and future trends of the industry.

Strategic recruitment and selection should encompass three main areas;

  • Long term focus
  • Strategic Integration
  • Translation of Strategic demands into appropriate recruitment and Selection


Long Term Focus

The desired outcome of strategic recruitment and selection methods is to recognize and select the best candidates who will best run the company and achieve set targets.

However, these people must be dedicated and be willing to produce their best over a period of time. To achieve this, there must be a way of projecting and discovering these potential employees in order to ensure the successful implementation of the strategic plans of the organization.


Strategic Integration

This looks at the recruitment and selection process as a great tool to embody organizational behavior and corporate strategy.

When the employees perceive the organization as one that promotes and rewards self-improvement and productivity then they shall be motivated to do even much more.


Translation of Strategic Demands

This talks about how the strategic projection of the human resource department will now influence how and when recruitment is done. This is to ensure that the ultimate goal of the company is attained through smart investments in human capital.

It is even much more valued when the aim of the organization is to concentrate on employing the best candidate. Rather than just getting anyone to fill the vacant position.

To do this, however, the HR department must develop a procedure that will help the organization hire the best for the job.


Strategic Recruitment and Selection Process

The strategic recruitment and selection process, should be planned by the HR department using a step by step approach when evaluating and hiring new employees.

Several methods can be used in this process such as applications, interviews, tests, background checks, and reference checks.

To ensure that the HR department procures the best talent for the organization with the strategic recruitment & selection, these are some of the steps that can be followed.

At each stage of this process, there are several consideration to be made that will help the HR department make the best decision.


There are two ways by which a vacancy may result, either the position has been newly created to achieve a specific task or there is a need to replace the current occupant who may have been promoted to another position or may have retired.

If the position is a new one then you should conduct a job analysis to what exactly the new role will be. Also, analysis of what competencies are needed to perform in that role alongside the necessary qualifications.

If it’s a replacement, there is still the need to conduct a job analysis in order for the findings to reflect what is currently needed. The position should also be reviewed and the tasks and responsibilities assigned to that position should be rechecked.


This is the principal locus of the recruitment process, everything hinges on how you describe the position you want to fill. This should clearly spell out the role, responsibilities, and qualification for the position.

It should also reflect the value proposition for the role and should attract the best-qualified candidates. It should also identify tasks, workflow, and accountability while establishing performance objectives.

Aside these, the description should show the title of the position and who the successful applicant will report to. The purpose of the position should also be made clear, it must summarize the essential functions of the position.

And its role in relation to managing, supporting or administering in the organizational setup.


You should have a recruitment plan that maps out the strategy for enticing and contracting the best-qualified candidates. It should also able to attract and grow an applicant pool which should be diverse enough.

Other considerations to be made under the recruitment plan should include:


Posting Period:

This refers to how long the job opening should be advertised. This should take into account the nature of the job. And enough time should be allocated to find the best candidates for the position.


Advertising Resources:

This point talks about how the job opening will be posted and how much the HR team is willing to spend to capture the best applicant. To get the best candidates for any position, it is advisable to make the job opening widely available.

There are several ways to do this, you can use Internet Job Boards, Print Media, Social Media, and Job Fairs.

The best way to recruit talent right now is the use of internet job boards such as WelathBankers JobArena. Most of the best candidates are out there on job boards waiting for the perfect jobs which suit their qualifications, experience, and passion. Job boards make the recruitment process very smooth and easy.


This committee is set up to conduct the interview when the successful applicants are shortlisted.

This group of people will usually consist of some of the HR team and others who the applicant will have occasional interaction with during the course of their job. Most often the latter group will consist of his superiors and colleagues.


Once the interview panel is settled on and the post description has been done, the job opening can be posted using the chosen channels. Online job boards, print media, and social media are most often the go-to media.


Any person who responds to the job posting is considered an applicant. And depending on the job posting, there might be several applicants vying for the same position(s). The best practice is to review all the applicants. All panel members for the interview should participate in this process.

The applicants should be reviews in relation to their qualifications, experience, and personality. This culling process is what will result in the shortlist. The applicants who have made the shortlist can now be contacted and scheduled for interviews.


This is perhaps the most crucial point in the selection process. This is where the employer and applicant meet face to face and get to know each other.

It is essential that a thorough interview is conducted and all the necessary information is gathered to match up to the skills and abilities needed for the job opening.

  • Preparing for the interview must be done by determining;
  • Format of interview
  • Order of Questions
  • Who asks which questions
  • Decide if a work sample should be submitted
  • Likely start date for the position

The questions asked should be related to the job and seek information on the skills and ability required to successfully handle that position. Tests may be done during the interview. Or the work sample may be reviewed to further inform the interview panel of the applicants’ strengths.


After the interviews, the panel must decide on the best applicants based on the criteria which they were using to grade them and then select the applicant(s).

After settling on the applicant, reference checks should be done to ascertain the validity of the references. And also to find out more about the applicant from people who know him or have worked with him before.

These reference checks are usually done before the job offer is made to the applicant.


This is the final stage of the recruitment process and hence it holds special significance. It provides the employer with the chance to make a formal job offer to the successful applicant(s).

After the final checks have been done, the employer can now initiate the offer. This should entail the total compensation package that includes remuneration and retirement benefits so that the applicant knows. Most often though, this offer has to be negotiated by both parties to reach an acceptable agreement.

Also, talk about the learning and career development opportunities that will be available to them.

When an acceptable agreement is reached by both parties then the offer can now be finalized and the recruitment properly closed for the position.


In Conclusion

The entire process is a strategic recruitment and selection method that seeks to provide the organization with the best employees. These employees will be the ones to maximize the potential of the organization in the coming years and make them a reckoning force in their industry.

These steps might sound simple but must be approached with dedication and careful preparation and planning.

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