7 Important Tips for Finding a Good Job

Ask any job seeker and they will tell you how stressful finding a good job can be. Aside from the constant disappointment of losing out to others, a job search can be very frustrating.

You could be qualified for a job and still not be in the first shortlist. Knowing what employers want can go a long way to helping you land that dream job. People who know some of the tips to get jobs often times have the upper hand over their counterparts.

In this post, I will share with you 7 important tips for finding a good job. Most of the people who use these tips give themselves an edge over others.

These tips have worked for several people including myself. The tips here are not absolute but can help increase your chances of getting ahead of the competition.


Create A Professional Email

Many people underestimate the importance of this particular information. Creating the right first impression with your potential employer is very important in getting a good job.

A professional email with your name creates the right kind of first impression you need. It tells the employer that you are a very professional and serious person. An email address like [email protected], communicates to the employer that you are a very professional person.

On the other hand, an email like [email protected], can in most cases, greatly ruin your chances of getting a job. No employer wants to hire a vicious killer to work for them even if that is not how you are in real life.

Communication is really important in a job search. I placed this job search tip as number one because of its relative importance. Many qualified people have missed out on good job opportunities simply because of this.

If you do not already have a professional email address, then create one now. There are several free email services available to choose from.


Customize Your CV

There are people who always present the same CV when applying for different jobs. This is not helpful in any way. Your CV is basically a summary of your life that tells the employer whether or not you are the best fit for the position.

Learn to tweak your CV for every different job you apply for. You can do this by paying attention to the things that the company you are applying to needs in its employees. Once you get this information, tailor your CV to that company and apply.

If your CV is tailored towards the company you are applying to, this creates the impression that you are of the quality that the company needs. This might help you gain an advantage over other applicants.

What may seem interesting to an employer in one company may seem boring or needless to another employer in a different company. Your CV speaks for you so you need to prepare it well.


Select Good References

Another important tip for job seekers is the selection of good references. People often downplay the importance of a good reference. The kind of reference you have may end up determining your employment fate.

Normally, CVs require at least three references. These references are usually academic, the last place of work and a noteworthy person. These references are going to vouch for you when employers contact them to enquire about you.

The right kind of references will vouch for your credibility to the employer and this can help you gain your ideal job.

Make sure the referee you select is credible and also knows you. What good would it do you if you selected someone who has no idea who you are? The employer might think you are not credible and not worth employing.

Before you use someone as a referee, it is necessary that you inform them first. This is to make them aware so that in the instance that the potential employer contacts them, they would be prepared to vouch for your credibility.

This may probably be among the best job tips online at the moment.


Apply To Several Places

One way to increase your chances of employment is to apply to several companies. There are literally more than a thousand people applying for the same type of job as you. To increase your chances, you need to apply to more places.

There are several thousand jobs posted each day. You can find them on online job boards such as Wealth Banker Job Arena, company websites, newspapers and also on social media.

Applying to as many of these jobs as possible increases your chances greatly.

You need to be qualified for these jobs for this to truly work. If you are not qualified for the job, then your chances are really low since your application may be rejected outright.


Create A Job Search Notebook

Keeping track of all the places you have applied to can sometimes be very difficult. In order to keep track of all these companies, you need to create a job search notebook. Many applicants find this job tip to be very helpful.

I have come across several people who have lost track of all the applications they have sent. Some ended up applying to the same company more than twice in a short space of time and others forgot what they applied for.

The job search notebook is to be used immediately after you apply to a company. Once the application is sent, you record the details of the job and the company in the book. This helps a lot if you applied for several different positions in different companies.

This will help you prepare when you are contacted for an interview by a company and you are not sure of which position you applied for.


Follow Up On All Applications

Another good reason for keeping a job search notebook is to help you follow up on all jobs that you have applied for. Following up on jobs is another important way of telling the employer that you are really serious about the job.

Employers usually look out for applicants who follow up on their application regularly. Following up on applications can be done through emails, phone calls or actual visits to the company.

Employers look at applicants who make that additional effort as being really serious about the job and working for them.

Impressions count and the right kind of impression will go a long way to help you get the job. Following up does not mean reaching out every day. This should be done at least once or twice each fortnight.

Let the employer know that you are serious about the job.


Be Prepared

The final job search tip for job seekers is to be prepared for that phone call or email. Applicants should be prepared from the day they apply for that job. Staying prepared means that you are not caught off-guard when you are called for an interview. There may be instances when you may be asked to start as soon as possible.

Being prepared is really important since it benefits you as the candidate. This means that you as an applicant must keep learning especially if the position you apply for demands it.

Imagine being a web developer who has been called for an interview where his skills will be tested and he hasn’t practiced in months?

Even though you may know what you are doing, you may have forgotten certain key elements of your skill which could harm your chances.

Being prepared also means having your interview outfit and materials ready at all times. Going to an interview in the wrong attire can also reduce your chances of getting that job. Remember what I said about first impressions? It matters here especially since you would be meeting your employer face-to-face and you want to impress him/her.


In Conclusion

There are several tips for finding a job but these 7 are the first things every job seeker should know. As I stated earlier, these tips are not absolute and should only be used as a guide. The reason why I say they are not absolute is because there are those who did not follow this and still got their jobs.

With that said, it is important to follow the job tips stated here if you want to increase your chances of landing your ideal job.

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