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Below you can find in-depth information about My Great School, the solution we have for your school.

—- This solution can be implemented for your school within 1 – 3 weeks depending on your size.

—- This solution is very simple to use but we still provide free training to one of your school staff  plus “How to Videos” for everyone on how to use every feature.

—- My Great School will be installed on your school’s web address or website, and will be customized to fit your branding and colors. 

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Brief walk through for Teachers

Brief walk through for Students

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Every single feature you need to effectively run and manage your school. 

You can manage single/multiple schools and their entities such as classes, sections, students, exams, ID cards, admit cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, income, expense, noticeboard, study materials and much more.

Payment gateway: Paypal, PayStack, SlydePay, Flutterwave, Stripe, Pesapal, Paystack, Razorpay, PayTM and over 200 more.

SMS Service Provider : Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91, TextLocal, EBulkSMS

Multi-School Management:-

Add multiple schools, assign admins and classes to each school to manage individual school.

Session Management:-

Create new session/term/semester and keep all the records of previous sessions/terms/semesters.

Manage Classes and Sections:-

Administrators can create classes and assign them to schools. With each class, there can be multiple class sections.

Student Management:-

School admins and staff with necessary permissions can new admissions to school by assigning them admission number, class, section and roll number. Also, for each student record in a session, a new enrollment number is generated automatically.

Inquiries Management:-

Display inquiry form for a school in a page using shortcode. Also, receive inquiries school-wise, add next follow up date and notes for the inquiry.

Student Promotion:-

Promote students to a new class for a new session. This creates a new enrollment of a student for the next session.

Student Transfer:-

Transfer student from one school to another. This also keep track of students transferred to and transferred from the school.

Student Attendance:-

Take daily attendance of students. Print attendance sheet of a class. Also, students can view their attendance report in dashboard.

Student Dashboard:-

Students view their fees report, admission details, ID card etc. and pay remaining fees using suitable payment method.

Roles and Permissions:-

Create custom roles like teacher, accountant and assign them neccessary permissions as per the role so they are restricted to the management of school entities assigned to them.

Assign School Admins and Staff :-

Multi-School admins assign an administrator to a school. School administrator can create any number of staff with roles to manage the school.

Noticeboard Widget :-

It has noticeboard widget which displays notices to the widget section of your website. Here, you can change the number of notices, widget height and width to incorporate the design of your website.

Distribute Study Materials :-

School staff with neccessary permission can add study materials of classes. These study materials will show up on student dashboard section, allowing them to download and view the study materials.

Automatic Notifications via Email, SMS and Custom Templates :-

Send SMS and email notifications to students at the time of new admissions, fee invoice generation, payment receipts generation etc. SMS providers include Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Textlocal and more.

Exams Management :-

Create exam, add exam papers, exam center, timings, date and room number for single class or multiple classes.

Publish Exam Time Table :-

Option to publish exam time table which will show up on student dashboard or you can use the shortcode to display exam time table on a particular page of your website.

Generate Admit Cards :-

For each exam, generate admit cards for students. Also, publish the admit cards which students can download from student dashboard section.

Accounting Management :-

This include fee invoice generation, fee payment collection, income management and expense management.

Generate Fee Invoices :-

Select students from classes and generate fees invoices in bulk or for single student. This also supports partial payment collection or one time payment collection.

Fees Collection Form :-

Display fees collection form on a page using shortcode which allows students to search their names and view pending fee invoices. Students can pay their fees by using a payment method.

Payments via Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal, Paystack or PayPal :-

Fee payment can be done by using Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal, Paystack or PayPal payment gateway.

Print Fees Invoice and Payment Receipt :-

After adding a fee invoice, it supports printing of fee invoices. Also, after making a payment, students or staff can print the payment receipt.

Manage Expense and Income :-

Add expense categories and income categories. Add expense and icome date wise for a school.

Library Management :-

Manage library books, generate and print student library cards, issue books to students and keep track of books issued and books return.

Student Dashboard :-

In student dashboard, students can view noticeboard, print their ID cards, view pending fee invoices, make payments and view their payment history. Also, they can download study materials, exam time table, admit cards and much more.

Student Login Widget and Shortcode :-

login form can be display on page via shortcode and also you can place login widget on your website.

See Live Preview or Demo Here

Every single feature you need to effectively run and manage your school’s online teaching. 

Extensive Course/Subject Builder

A highly functional drag & drop course/subject builder to start adding courses/subjects from a single place. Its feature-packed interface enables you to deliver courses/subject lessons in the most attractive way.

Unlimited Courses/Subjects

Add as many courses/Subject as you want as your student enjoy a premium learning experience. Your courses/subjects have their own settings for you to customize and modify on the fly.

Multiple Instructors

Include more than one instructors to a single course/subject if required. Review instructor profiles before adding them to a course/subject and let them share knowledge together.

Course Prerequisites

Set the courses/subjects that students need to complete before enrolling for a new course/subject.

Course Attachments

Upload course-related files as attachments whether it be docs, PDFs, videos or any other supported media file.

Student Question Area

Students can easily ask questions or submit comments to instructors about any course. Encourage student interactions by asking them to ask questions.

Multimedia Contents

Create engaging courses with video lessons, texts, images and so much more! It works whether it’s an MP4 file, Vimeo or YouTube video.

Course Duration

You can define the course duration for students to view before starting. This lets the students decide early on how much time they require to finish the course.

Email Notifications

Connect with students and other teachers using customizable email templates. Boost user-engagements easily.

Password Protection

Let the platform account holders set their own password. Users can reset password if they forget it.

Subject Analytics

Complete overview with advanced filters for subjects enrolled, reviews, and quiz attempts of students to plan & further modify your learning materials.

Subject Bookmarks

On the subject showcase thumbs, students can directly click on the bookmark icon to add a subject to their wishlist and save for viewing later.

Device Friendly

If you’re using a responsive theme, Tutor LMS contents will look awesome across all the devices.

Frontend Student Dashboard

Students can track their progress easily from the dashboard. They can check out their active courses, completed courses, and more from the panel.

Content Security

Authorized-only content access by checking several aspects like login and checks.

Upload Private Files

Select files to be uploaded privately so that you can upload files to courses that only enrolled students can access.

—Advanced Quiz Creator—

Quiz Grading Method

Set a grading method on how to count grades when a student takes quiz attempts.

Quiz Timers

Add a time limit for students for the entire quiz or each question for their better time management.

Time Expiration Prompts

Custom settings to select if quiz attempts are submitted automatically before/after or whether grace time is allowed.

Image Matching

A visual way to analyze student skills. Include images that students can creatively match to answers. This impactful quiz type helps students improve the visual concept of a topic.

Image Answering

Incorporate visuals into conventional answers. In this unique question pattern, students get to choose the correct image as the answer.


Matching is a great way to judge student perception. Quiz takers can visually drag & drop the correct answer and match them to the correct option.


Ordering is engaging for students while being easy to grade. In this visually compelling question pattern, students drag the correct option and place them in the right order.

Short Answer

Test students’ efficiency with questions that require short answers. Instructors can limit word count and students need to summarize answers in that given limit.


Open-ended questions & essays allow students to show their intelligence and writing skills about a topic. There are no word-limits, and students can creatively show their perception through these open-ended answers.

True or False

True/False questions are quick to answer yet challenging. These are the standard true/false questions where students recognize whether an option is true or not.

Single Choice

Single Choice works to enable critical thinking in students. Include multiple options from which students can only select one correct answer. These are perfect for short quizzes.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions promote a higher level of thinking in students. In this question type, students can choose multiple answers from the given options that they think are right.

Fill in the Blanks

Fill In the Blanks is great to test knowledge in a short time period. Students can insert appropriate words in the provided spaces like classic fill in the blank questions.

See Live Preview or Demo Here

Every single feature you need to effectively run and manage your school’s finances, revenue generation, users, etc.

Online Application & Registration

Online Application of new students, Online Registration of current students.

Virtual Tour of Your School

You can allow prospective students and parents to have a virtually tour of your school.

Email/SMS Notifications & Announcement

Send email/SMS Notifications & Announcement. You can also send the Parents, Teachers and Student account on the portal.

Set Up Your School’s Store

Parents, students, teachers, in fact, anyone you wish can now purchase learning materials, books, merchandise, uniforms, sportswear, school bag, laptops, learning material, other school materials, etc, and pick it up at the school premises or have it delivered however you wish.

Offer Flexible and Secure Online Payments options

Ability to accept major credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), Mobile Money, checks, etc. Beyond the basics, there are 140 region-specific gateways to choose from and integrate with, including Mobile Money, Visa, MasterCard, Bank Accounts, Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Amazon Pay. Apple Pay, Google Pay, subscriptions, and deposits are also supported.

Sell Anything You Wish – Physical, digital, or both

Sell physical products that will ship to a customer, digital products they can download, or any combination of the two. From simple physical products and appointments to members-only digital content, you can sell anything.

Manage Orders On the Go

The selling dashboard is a familiar interface for store managers to update products and fulfill orders.

Product sorting and filtering

Let customers sort products by popularity, newness, rating, price, or attribute to find the right fit.

Unlimited products

Add as many products as you want to sell – your only restriction is your inventory.

Customer accounts and guest checkout

Allow customers to register and choose to automatically generate usernames and passwords, or not. Display a returning customer login reminder. Enable guest checkout for those who don’t want to register.

Inventory management

Track stock levels, hold stock after an order is canceled, get notifications for low and out-of-stock items, hide out-of-stock items, and more.

Order management

Add customer notes, edit stock manually, mark items you shipped, and manage the fulfillment process.

Email templates

Send notifications to customers at critical stages, e.g., after they make a purchase or when their order is complete.

Add shop managers

Give your team access to manage orders and view reports without making them an admin.

How to Purchase WB DevWorld's IT Solution for Your School

1. Review the live demo, videos, feature/benefit lists above.

2. If you have any questions, you can call or whatsup us on >> +233245523858.

3. If you don’t have a questions or if they have already been answered, use the BUY NOW button to start your order.

4. Fill the order form with required details.

5. Choose your method of payment >> Bank transfer, Credit/Debit Card, or Mobile Money.

6. Submit your order and complete payment.

7. Email or WhatsApp your confirmation of payment such as screenshot or bank receipt.

8. We will confirm your order and email your receipt within 1 hour.

9. The tech team will contact you and start your installation & setup within 6 hours.

10. Congratulation, you now have a modern and advanced school; you have a Great School.

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