Sales & Marketing Executive Job Vacancy

Business leaders, many of whom started out in sales, believe that if you can succeed in sales, you can succeed almost anywhere. Sales is often viewed as the training ground for the business standouts of tomorrow. Why?

Sales is all about understanding a product (or service or cause) in depth, teaching other people about it (using your written and verbal communication skills), and showing those people how they would benefit. No matter where your career may go in five, 10 or 30 years, the communication and persuasion skills developed in sales will be crucial to your success.

As a Sales & Marketing Executive, you are to:

  • Conducting market research to identify selling possibilities and evaluate customer needs,
  • Actively seeking out new sales opportunities through cold calling, networking, and social media,
  • Setting up meetings with potential clients and listening to their wishes and concerns,
  • discovering and pursuing new sales prospects,
  • negotiating deals and maintaining customer satisfaction,
  • Have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable reaching out to potential customers to demonstrate our services and products through email, phone, in-person meetings.

Ultimately, you’ll help us meet and surpass business expectations and contribute to our company’s rapid and sustainable growth.

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Position Title: Sales & Marketing Executive (with a focus on sales).

Location: Ashaley Botwe, School Junction, Accra, Ghana

Minimum Qualification: SHS

Experience Length: 2 years minimum

Monthly Salary Payment: 

For Month 1 (your testing month)

Base Salary: none
Commission: Ghc 200 – Ghc 2500 per sale

For Month 2 and beyond

Base Salary: Ghc 1000 – Ghc 3000
Commission: Ghc 200 – Ghc 2500 per sale

Job Type: Full Time but as long as you meet your monthly target, you are only required to show up in the office once a week during our weekly strategic meeting (and for emergence meeting or when requested by management).

About Company

WB DevWorld is an IT, Creative, Design and Business development agency that provides solutions, products, and services in these job function or categories: Consulting & Strategy, Software, Apps, Sites & Data, Creative, Video & Design, Business Development & Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Communications & Sales…

The top industries that use our solutions, products, and services are Education, Advertising, Media & Communications, Construction, Recruitment, Healthcare, Retail, Fashion & FMCG, Shipping & Logistics…

Job Description:

We are looking for High-Performance Sales Executives who will meet their monthly targets.

We are looking for people who are confident in their skills and who can get results.

We are looking for a competitive and trustworthy Sales Executive to demonstrate their talent by increasing our sales volume.

The core function of this position is Sales & Marketing (with a focus on sales).

We are looking for High-Performance Sales Executives who will contribute to and carry out the sales strategies our business development teams formulated.

As a High-Performance Sales Executives, you will be responsible for finding targeted clients and selling our Low, Medium, and High Ticket solutions, products, and services to them.

Every business, organization, and industry needs the solutions, products, and services we offer.

Your job will be to generate leads and sales conversions from schools, companies, businesses, government workers, churches, hospitals, etc in your community and beyond

Perform the duties of a Sales & Marketing Executive (with a focus on sales).

  • Help expand the business by actively seeking and acquiring new clients.
  • Identifying the needs and demands of clients and sell accordingly
  • Formulate strong relationships to ensure growth and preserve the Company’s image

Some of Sales Strategies You are Expected to Use.

You are expected to operate in these but not limited to them.

Direct or Outside Sales
This is the type of sales which is considered as traditional sales. The representative interacts face to face with the customers and is done primarily outside of the office.

The representatives spend more time in the offices of the customers rather than their own office since the interaction is to generate the business. A salesperson is expected to be self-motivated and result oriented in order to be successful in the job of outside sales by meeting the target with little or no supervision.

When manufacturers deal directly with consumers, they participate in direct marketing sales. There are no third-party intermediaries, such as middle retailers or wholesalers. Direct marketing sales take place through the mail, telephone, Internet, and in-person as companies sell their products and services directly to consumers. Goes to find individual targeted customers.

Business Development Sales
The sales representatives which are responsible to generate new business for the company are termed as Business Development Manager. The activities of the Business development Manager been to the door to door cold calling in order to generate new leads.

To succeed in the role of Business Development Manager the person needs to continuously bring new clients and new business opportunities to the company.

The person also needs to have the skills to develop new contacts and make business relationships on the go. Business Development Manager as primary responsibility for increasing the client base and generating new business which in turn will become the future repeat business.

Consultative Selling
The primary function of the consultant is to provide consultative selling by presenting reports and presentations that advised the client towards a particular solution, product, or service. Consultative selling has become very popular in certain industries.

Transactional Marketing Sales
In transactional marketing, the Sales personnel encourage customers to buy with shopping coupons, discounts, and huge events. It enhances the chances of sales and motivates the target audience to buy the promoted products.

Core Responsibilities

  • Actively seek and acquire new clients by creating rapport through networking, cold calling, using referrals, etc;
  • Identify customers’ needs and demands and sell accordingly;
  • Collect information from clients and their risk profiles in order to offer proper solutions;
  • Ensure a robust pipeline of new business opportunities
  • Track and record activity on accounts and close deals to meet sales/business targets.
  • Researching and analyzing the market to find out better business opportunities.
  • Collaborating with clients and making business deals that are beneficial for the company in the long run.
  • Finding out faults and loopholes in the current business strategies and change them and help in preventing stagnancy in the business by implementing new ideas continuously.
  • Assist with the development of new products to meet each segment of the market.
  • Maintaining continuous client relationships through client follow-up and responding to their queries is one of the most important parts of this position.
  • Market our products and complete all enrollment documents.
  • Understanding the future perspective of the company and developing strategies for growth accordingly.
  • Develop leads and referrals from current clients and outside contacts.
  • Experienced with sales presentations at trade shows, market storming, conferences, etc. and follow-up to seal the deal.

Administrative Roles

  • Keep all enrollment forms and documents in their appropriate files.
  • Develop presentation material for marketing purposes.
  • Keep minutes of weekly and monthly team meetings and also follow up on assignments.
  • Prepare and submit weekly and monthly call reports.
  • Prepare monthly demand letters for clients and follow-up on clients for payment.
  • Perform other duties that will be assign from time to time.
  • Compliance and reporting

Weekly report on the performance key indicators

  • Prepare a list of defaulters indicating the amount, months, and year of default in your portfolio.
  • Leadership, Teambuilding, and management experience
  • Ability to build and train a team of Business Development, Marketing & Sales
  • Monitor and improve team performance

Qualification, Required Skills and Competencies

  • You must have a well-functioning laptop (you will use it to work)
  • Proven high-performance sales experience
  • Must have a SHS certificate in any relevant field to Business Development, preferably in Finance, Management Accounting, Economics, Marketing & Sales
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience
  • Working knowledge of the Education, Fashion, Insurance/Pensions/Banking, Construction, or HealthCare Industries would be an added advantage
  • Ability to build rapport
  • High sense of integrity
  • Goal-oriented individual
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Persistent and tenacious about delivery
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite
  • Strong analytical and numerical skills
  • Must have hand-on sales and target driven experience
  • High level of professional ethics and integrity
  • Good written and spoken communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Team building and management skills
  • Be a strategic thinker and visionary and help in making profitable future business deals.

How To Apply For The Job

Submit the online application form below to be considered.

You must have these during the interview to be considered for the job:

  • You must have a well-functioning laptop (you will use it to work)
  • Education: Minimum Bachelor Degree
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience

Please carefully read the job details above before applying.

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