Who We Are

WealthBankers Foundation is the philanthropic arm of WealthBankers. Now, there are all kinds of foundations with various vision, mission and focus. WealthBankers Foundation focuses on programs and campaigns that encourages entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. This also fall in line with the heart of WealthBankers as a whole – People & Business. Hence, the foundation is also responsible for carrying out our corporate social responsibility.

We as WealthBnakers have a heart for People & Business and it is shown clearly in our social corporate responsibility which is to combat unemployment; and encourage entrepreneurship and development in order to alleviate the living conditions of people all over the world, but with a special interest in Africa.  

WealthBankers Foundation Mission, Vision, Prodigy Hunt

What We Do

WealthBankers Foundation is combating youth unemployment and encouraging entrepreneurship and development.

We do this through our program and projects designed to discover and promote, finance, mentor and inspire people with brilliant entrepreneurial ideas, job-creating activities, and groundbreaking innovations.

They are also designed to educate the general public about social, entrepreneurial and networking skills to enable them to build a fulfilling career and maintain lifetime employment.

How This Helps

We have come to a realization that one thing that our world revolves around is spotlight. People tend to follow who or what is in the spotlight at any given moment. So if we want to inspire and encourage towards a particular direction, we have to bring it to the surface and into the spotlight.

By carrying out programs such as the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt, we are bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to the spotlight. This not only leads to more possible avenues of support but it also inspires others to be more innovative and thus raising more entrepreneurs.

Be it either of the two, the end result would be more job creation in the long run.

That is at least one way our programs and projects enable us to combat youth unemployment and encourage entrepreneurship & development.