WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt – Apply Now, Submissions Are Open

WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt over $100,000 worth of Prizes to be Awarded

Through the Prodigy Hunt, WealthBankers Foundation will give out hundred thousand dollars - $100,000 in prizes to the participants of the show; in our effort to inspire and encourage entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

--  $10,000 + $7,000 + $5,000 = $22,000
--  12 top winners x $1,000 = $12,000
--  12 top winners x $500 = $6,000
--  12 top winners x $300 = $3,600
--  Raffle Draw for those who did not make the top 100 in each country = $6,400
--  24 weeks - 12 months of industry specific expert mentors and advisors for 120 prodigy contestants = over $50,000

WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt - Prize Worth

$50,000 + $22,000 + $12,000 + $6,400 + $6,000 + $3,600 = $100,000

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The Grand Finale Prizes

At this level, the winners from all the participating African countries will meet offline in Ghana at the Grand Finale to compete for the grand cash prize of $10,000, $7,000 and $5,000; plus other prizes.

WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt grand prizes$10,000; $7,000; $5,000

plus they will be assigned expert mentors and advisors in their industry to work with them for 3, 6, and 12 months respectively after the hunt.

The top winner will also receive online establishment marketing suite for their project.

The 12 Finalists in the Grand finale will receive 2 weeks of Advanced intensive care and critic sessions from expert mentors and advisors in your niche or industry to help your projects in ways money cannot buy. You need this experience to assure the success of your work (plus other country level prizes).



Country Level Prizes

The 3 finalists will be awarded $1000, and $500, $300 cash prizes. The 1st positions from each country’s hunt will qualify for the Grand Finale.

WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt country level prizes $1000; $500; $300

plus all the other prizes below.

*Top 10 participant prizes*
Top 10 will receive 2 weeks intensive care and critic sessions from expert mentors and advisors in your niche or industry to help your projects in ways money cannot buy. You need this experience to assure the success of your work (plus other prizes below).

*Top 50 participant prizes*
Top 50 will receive dedicated online media exposure for their projects on WealthBankers' high profile platforms and those of their partners (plus other prizes below) .

*Top 100 participant prize*
Top 100 will recieve Certification of Idea Competence - this means that WealthBankers will certify that your project has been vetted by them and has found it worthy of serious investors' time (plus other prizes below) .

*All submission prize*
Raffle draw where all prodigies who submitted their project for the hunt stand a chance to win valuable items and packages from WealthBankers and partners.

Summary of the Show - Tap to Expand

Summary of the Show - Tap to Expand

We have $100,000 to giveaway.

Are you 30 years old or below, and do you have a business or a project that is positively impacting your community, country or the world as a whole.

Then this is for you.

WealthBankers Foundation - a nonprofit NGO wants to award at least 1200 winners of the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt from 12 African nations with prizes totaling to $100,000, to help support their good work.

*Participating Countries* are Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, and Uganda.

In order for your country to qualify for the Prodigy Hunt, we must receive at least 1000 registrations from the millions of citizens living in your country.

If your country does not submit a 1000 entries for the hunt, your country will be disqualified. So share this around your country to help her qualify for the WB Prodigy Hunt.


In the country level editions, there are 3 rounds.

Out of the 1000 minimum submissions from each country, the best 100 will chosen to enter the Round 1.

*In Round 1*, the public votes by LIKES..... We will publish 100 individual videos of each country's prodigies on YouTube. The *top 50 prodigy videos* with the highest Likes will move on to Round 2.

*In Round 2*, the public votes by COMMENTS..... We will publish 50 individual videos of each country's prodigies on YouTube. The *top 10 prodigy videos* with the highest comment tag (I VOTE WBPH) will move on to Round 3.

*In Round 3*, the WealthBankers Prodigy Team will judge the remaining *10 prodigies from each country* to find the top 3 winners. The judging process videos will be publicized.

The top 3 winners from each country will be awarded $1000, $500 & $300 plus other prizes.

The top 100 and all who submitted entries will be award prizes too. See the prizes here --- https://wealthbankers.com/foundation/prodigy-hunt/


The first positions that won the $1000 in the 12 country level hunts will meet offline for the grande finale. These 12 prodigy finalists will compete for the *$10,000; $7,000 & $5,000*; plus other grand prizes.

Now you know what the WB Prodigy Hunt is, apply today. Also share this now to help it reach more people in your country so that your nation can qualify for the WB Prodigy Hunt.

This is NOT a scam. The WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt is real. Search on google to see what other sites are saying. Like this USA news site -- http://finance.dailyherald.com/dailyherald/news/read/36313037/

*BUT WHO IS A PRODIGY* -- read summary or watch short video on this page to understand - https://wealthbankers.com/foundation/prodigy-hunt/


Ghana Edition submission is ongoing now. Deadline for Ghana submissions is 14th June, 2018. All you need is a 3 - 5 mins video and letter of 300 - 500 words about yourself and project.

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Round 1

This round - judged by the public through LIKES on the Round 1 videos of the prodigy contestants we will upload at the stated time. Share and like your favorites' videos to help them win.

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Round 2

Round 2, the public will judge by commenting ( I Vote WBPH ) on the Round 2 videos of the prodigy contestants we will upload to YouTube. Share and vote for your favorite prodigies.

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Round 3

In Round 3, the 10 final prodigy contestants will be judged by the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt Team. The judging sessions will be aired on WealthBankers Foundation channel for the public to view the process.

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Prize Awarding

For each country level, the winners of the hunt will be awarded in a live event in their country. The top winner will also qualify to participate in the Grand Finale that will be held offline, live in Ghana.

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WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt - Participating Countries

There are 12 Africa Nations participating in the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt; namely Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, Uganda. Click a country below to learn more about their country level hunt.

Your Role – How to Support

For the hunt show to be a great success, your enthusiastic participation is needed. Yes, we are asking that you participate and support. The work WealthBankers Foundation does benefits the participating countries, people and economies greatly. It will not be asking too much to ask for the support of every patriotic citizen on the streets of the 12 participating countries.

---  Subscribe, Like and Share: This is the easiest way to support WealthBankers Foundation and the Prodigy Hunt show. By subscribing now to WealthBankers Foundation channel on YouTube and sharing this video of the show, you are helping more people to find out about it and participate.

--- Vote During Each Country's Edition: It does not matter if its your country's edition or not. You can vote in any country's prodigy hunt. Prodigy winners of Round 1 & 2 are decided by public like and comment votes. Subscribe now to WealthBankers Foundation channel on YouTube to get notified when it voting time. Also subscribe to the Prodigy Hunt - Executive Voters' Club to be informed about votes.

---  Announce: This support is very important. Tell all your friends, family and relatives, even stranger about the Prodigy Hunt and WealtBankers Foundation. Let it be in your conversation regularly, make it trend both offline and online. Thank you for your love.

---  Donate: It is said that money makes the world go round. Everything good requires money to make it a success. You might not have much to give but remember, every little you give goes a long way to affect and change lives positively. Also remember the saying; little drops of water, makes a mighty ocean.

---  Volunteer: Even though it seems to be an online show, it involves a lot of moving parts, logistics, skills, and expertises. If you have a skill, knowledge, resource or time you will like to volunteer as support for the foundation and show, we will receive it thankfully. Email us some info about you and the resource you wish to offer.

---  Suggestions and Ideas: We do not claim to know it all and are always open to ideas and suggestions. So, if you have anything WealthBankers Foundation should know, do send them in through email. We will be glad to have them.

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WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt - Show Details

Aired on: WealthBankers Foundation channel hosted on SCREENS and YouTube

Minimum Submissions needed: 1000 qualified submissions (minimum) are needed to host the show for each country. Any country that cannot come up with a thousand accepted prodigy submissions (out of their millions of citizens) will be disqualified.

Participate: Both individuals and teams can participate in the hunt as long as they are 30 years old or below.

Spots for Round I: In each country, the top 100 of all the submissions will qualify for the show and move on to Round I for that country's edition of the Prodigy Hunt.

Expected Submissions:  A person or a group who have done something spectacular (mindboggling or wonderful) considering how young they are. If you think you are such a person then submit (even if you are not sure, submit and we will let you know if you are part of the final 100) or if you know someone ask and help them to submit.

Duration of Show: Each country level hunt is expected to last for 3 ½ months (4 weeks for submissions, 2 weeks to tally top 100, 1 week for Round I voting, 2 weeks to tally Round I winners, 1 weeks for Round II voting, 2 weeks to tally Round II winners, 1 week for Round III judging, then Award Ceremony)

Show Timeline: Exact dates – Submission ends , Top 100 announced on , Round I voting starts: , Round I winners announced on , Round II voting starts: , Round II winners announced on , Round III judging starts: , Final winners announced in award ceremony. Check each country editions below to learn more about their exact dates.

Participating Countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia, Uganda.

WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt Show Africa - WB Prodigy Hunt - WealthBankers Foundation - People and Business

Who Is a Prodigy

Prodigy Video 1

Prodigy Video 2

Prodigy Video 3

Prodigy Video 4

Prodigy Video 5

Prodigy Video 6

About WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt

To understand this show, you will need to first understand the heart of WealthBankers. We have a heart for People & Business and it is shown clearly in our corporate social responsibility which is to combat unemployment; and encourage entrepreneurship & development in order to alleviate the living conditions of people all over the world, but with a special interest in Africa.  

WealthBankers WB Prodigy Hunt logoWe know that grooming, encouraging and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of the citizens of any country is a sure strategy to win the unemployment war. Because entrepreneurs are great leaders, they create jobs, inspire others and facilitate economic growth which means a better living standard for everyone. Hence back to our heart – People and Business.

By our definition, an entrepreneur is anyone in the art, science or business world who is using their ideas and abilities (which can be monetize if so desired) in a manner that positively impacts and improves the lives of those around them.

Now the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt is actually a wakeup call – a jump starter to citizens of the African nations and by extension, the world at large. It is a show aiming to inspire others by the examples of fellow agemates and citizens. To inspire those who have not yet taken the step to use their talents and passion to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

The WB Prodigy Hunt is hosted by our philanthropic arm – WealthBankers Foundation. Now, there are all kinds of foundations with various visions, missions and focus. WealthBankers Foundation focuses on programs and campaigns that encourages entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. This also fall in line with the heart of WealthBankers as a whole – People & Business. Hence, the foundation is also responsible for carrying out our corporate social responsibility.

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