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These Are Ways You Can Support & Get Involved with WealthBankers Foundation Programs

—  Subscribe, Like and Share: This is the easiest way to support WealthBankers Foundation and the Prodigy Hunt show. By subscribing now to WealthBankers Foundation channel on YouTube and sharing this video of the show, you are helping more people to find out about it and participate.

— Vote During Each Country’s Edition: It does not matter if its your country’s edition or not. You can vote in any country’s prodigy hunt. Prodigy winners of Round 1 & 2 are decided by public like and comment votes. Subscribe now to WealthBankers Foundation channel on YouTube to get notified when it voting time. Also subscribe to the Prodigy Hunt – Executive Voters’ Club to be informed about votes.

—  Announce: This support is very important. Tell all your friends, family and relatives, even stranger about the Prodigy Hunt and WealtBankers Foundation. Let it be in your conversation regularly, make it trend both offline and online. Thank you for your love.

—  Donate: It is said that money makes the world go round. Everything good requires money to make it a success. You might not have much to give but remember, every little you give goes a long way to affect and change lives positively. Also remember the saying; little drops of water, makes a mighty ocean.

—  Volunteer: Even though it seems to be an online show, it involves a lot of moving parts, logistics, skills, and expertises. If you have a skill, knowledge, resource or time you will like to volunteer as support for the foundation and show, we will receive it thankfully. Email us some info about you and the resource you wish to offer.

—  Suggestions and Ideas: We do not claim to know it all and are always open to ideas and suggestions. So, if you have anything WealthBankers Foundation should know, do send them in through email. We will be glad to have them.

If everyone who visits our site, helps fund it, our future would be much more secure. For as little as $5, you can support WealthBankers cause – and it only takes a minute. Thank you.

If you have any questions about supporting WealthBankers Foundation, please on foundation[@]