Finding Your Inspiration to Help You Be Goal-Oriented



Have you ever been in a point in time when you feel like you are living a routine?
Getting up at the same time, doing the same things, eating the same foods, and working the same job, day in, day out.

Always seeming so busy but never really achieving anything meaningful in the end.

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I found myself in such a situation and for many years, I could never really figure out why I was in this state. Until recently when I discovered the truth.

You see I thrive on variety. On challenging myself to do things differently. Making things happen was like fuel to me. And I could never get enough of the good feelings that came whenever I started something and got it done right.

Inspiration was like a jack-in-the-box for me – always springing up here and there. Each time a little bit differently.

But there was a problem.

With all that I did, I never felt fulfilled. Never felt like I had a sense of direction. I was like an interior designer with no plan – making a lot of changes without knowing what the final outlook is supposed to be like.

I had a bucket-load of inspiration with no obvious life goal to funnel it towards.

When I figured this out, I put on the brakes, disconnected from my usual way of living, took some time off– and asked myself what I wanted in life.

Because I knew that the goals I could set were based on the vision I had. Someone once told me that if you are convicted of a vision and have a strong mind towards it, the goal is bound to be achieved.

Once I understood what I wanted my life to be like, I began to set time-based goals for me to attain and followed through on them. Today, I have a sense of progress and fulfillment that I have never felt before.

Finding Your Inspiration to Help You Be Goal-Oriented

If you can relate to my story, then I want you to ask yourself the very same question.

Look at your life as a whole and figure out what you want to do with it. Once you have a concrete answer, set goals (long-term and short-term) that you can funnel your creativity and inspiration into achieving.

But perhaps there are some who cannot relate. Perhaps you can safely call yourself as a goal-oriented individual.

You understand your vision and are working hard towards set goals but are lacking the inspiration needed to make things easier and much more enjoyable.

And you just can’t seem to find your inspiration.

If any of you are like this, I want you to understand something.

Inspiration can refer to a new and improved way of answering a question or solving a problem.

In life, we can get so held down by busyness and set patterns that sometimes it’s hard to come up with insightful solutions to a difficult predicament.

When you find yourself in need of inspiration and creativity, change your way of thinking.

Stop using close-ended statements like “I can’t..” or “I don’t know..”. Albert Einstein is quoted to have said that “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination.”

To enable your mind to remain active and creative, you have to stop limiting it. Change your “I can’t..” to “I will..” or “I have to…”. Open-ended statements such as these challenge your brain and you to find a solution and try harder.

You have got to learn to think outside the box. If you want a different result from what you are used to, try doing things a little differently.

I stand with Yoda today to tell you that “You must unlearn what you have learned, and be open to new ideas”.

Because inspiration is contagious. When you have an open mind in your search for creative solutions, the examples of those whose creativity, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship you admire influence you.


In Conclusion

A wise man, Jothish Joseph, once told me that the world only counts the achievements of greats, nobody cares about the talking. At the end of it all, it’s the achievements that make legends, not the false promises.

And he’s right.

People talk a lot about different stuff. They don’t like something – they talk. They do like something – they talk. But do you know what? They DO nothing about it.

It’s similar to an exam! No matter how good your handwriting is, and how decorated your answer sheet is unless the answers are correct everything else is irrelevant.

Let’s mark our lives with stamps of achievements and not volatile words.

You can’t achieve much by just talking. It’s about time you get up and start DOING.
Your dreams will stay dreams if you DO nothing. So just DO it!!

If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up!!

Because, in the words of Dr. Ipuna Black, inspiration comes through action and visualizing your end goal.

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