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People & Business Media beats the traditional media (TV,Radio, Newspaper) everyday by delivering quality, cost-effective media exposure to businesses and personalities at the click of a button.

You get right in front of your target audience, customers and fans without blasting to everybody hoping you reach the right group of people. This greatly reduces your cost while also ensuring your media exposure reaches those you truly want. Hence, increasing the conversion and engagement rates of your leads, fans and paying customers.

Best of all, our media exposure does not sound like an ad; because they are not. They are more personal and emotional; telling your business, product or personal stories in a way that matters to your clients and in a manner that they can connect with (they are what is called Native Advertising).

Our flag ship products are Business Expo and Personality Expo are known to out-perform traditional media formats in all judging criteria such as price, conversion rate, frequency for result, retention rate, and many more.

10 Stats That Show The Power of Native & Display Ad Success ... When Done Right 

  1. -- Native ads are viewed 53% more than banner ads. (Source: Dedicated Media)
  2. -- A retargeting campaign from Magoosh Online Test prep generated $58,608 in attributable revenue. At a total cost of $11,000 the campaign resulted in an ROI of 486%. (Source: Retargeter)
  3. -- Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert. (Source: Digital Information World)
  4. -- Heineken Light reached 54% of audience -- 35 million people -- in just three days using video ads on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)
  5. -- Airbnb achieved an engagement rate of over 4% for one of their Promoted Tweets. (Source: Twitter)
  6. -- 32% of consumers said they would share a native ad with friends and family, versus 19% for banner ads. (Source: ShareThrough)
  7. -- Native ads that include rich media boost conversion rates by up to 60%. (Source: Social Times)
  8. -- Julian Bakery saw a 35% increase in conversions and a 330% increase in impressions on the Google Display Network. (Source: Google)
  9. -- 71% of publishers received no major complaints from readers for featuring native ads, while 29% received minor backlash. (Source: Digital Content Next)
  10. -- After one year of leveraging Targeted Status Updates on LinkedIn, ADP\'s Company Page followers doubled to 85,000. (Source: LinkedIn)
Sponsored Content Product People & Business

Publish Your Branded Content for Improved Exposure, Leads, and Sales

Sponsored Content

Sometimes no one can say it just like you. Sometimes no one can tell it with enough passion as you do. We know, and we have made allowance for you on People & Business Media through our Sponsored Content offering.

You know what to say and how to say it. You want to say it without any fear of mentioning and directly promoting your brand (after all you love your brand). All you need is an authority website to publish your content; Sponsored Content allows you to do just that with a lot of add-ons to help you express yourself better.

Sponsored Content gets your brand published on our authority site – giving you the credibility, exposure, backlinks, traffic and leads you need to catapult your business to the next level. You can choose from various packages according to your needs and budgets.

Learn more about our Sponsored Content offering.

Guest Post Product People & Business

Build Credibility, Brand Exposure, and Gain Easy Quality Backlinks

Guest Post

If you are a business or an individual wanting to stand out as an authority in your field and industry; writing a guest post on an authoritative and reputable brand like People & Business Media is a sure way to go about it.

You find several Guest Post packages and addon to help get your publication the largest exposure possible.

There’s even more for site owners, guest posting is one of the best white-hat ways to acquire quality backlinks necessary to increase your search engine organic traffic. Our guest post package offers you great backlinks, traffic, increase sales, brand awareness exposure and credibility to take your business to the next level.

Learn more about Guest Posting opportunities on People & Business.

PressRelease Product People & Business

Massive Reach and Brand Name Virality Through Press Release Distribution

Press Release

Is there something news worthy that you want the public to know? A change or significant achievement of a sort that as much people as possible should be made aware of.

Maybe appointment of new directors, resignation or suspension of a high-level staff in your company, change of name, birth, death or marriage announcement, major project launch or event announcement? You must have gotten the idea by now. People & Business Media will get your news to those who need to know or those you want to know about it.

Learn more about our Press Release Distribution Prowess.

Business Expo on People and Business Media

Quality Engaging SEO-Optimized Articles To Satisfy Your Audience and Traffic Needs

Article Writing Services

Without adequate exposure, you business is doomed in this highly competitive, ever bustling world. Getting your business the needed exposure can be done through quality well-optimized and engaging articles.

But you may not the time or expertise to craft such a content that will go viral and provide you with exposure. Well, our article writing services solve that problem at extremely affordable prices. Let us do he hard work for you of researching and crafting superb content for your needs.

Learn more about our Affordable Article Writing Services.

Business Expo on People and Business Media

Broadcast Your Vacancies to The Right Audience of Qualified Candidates

Job Posting and Searching

You have a job opening in your organization to fill. Finding qualified candidates that are the right fit for your institution can be hard sometimes. Especially when you are looking for that professional individual to work with.

Post your job offer now and find the right candidate in no time. WealthBankers Job Arena has access to thousands of professional personnel looking for jobs; they are willing to apply for your job offer and fill your vacant position.

Learn more about our Job Posting and Searching Services.

Business Expo on People and Business Media

Exposure for Stronger Brand Awareness, Increase Sales, & Maintain Customers

Business Expo

Exposure is the name of the game in this highly competitive, ever bustling world. You and your business will find yourselves in a much better place when you can continually increase brand awareness, sales and customer loyalty (lifetime repeat sales).

But when it cost a fortune to get the media exposure your business so needs to thrive, businesses without large spending budgets are left without a slice of the pie. Well, Business Expo solves that problem by giving you highly-targeted at extremely affordable prices – it seems too good to be true.

Learn more about our Affordable Media Exposure Marketing

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Personality Expo People & Business Media

Personal Touch Exposure to Reach Your Target Audience

Personality Expo

It is said, “every business needs a human face”. Well, whether you agree or not, it is a general accepted fact that some issues are best address from a personal perspective. Hence, Personality Expo gives you an opportunity to reach your target audience, whether you are a business, celebrity, or an average joe, from a more personal point of view.

So, if you want to Revamp your brand or reputation, exposure your Achievement, reveal the Face Behind the Brand, advocate for a Movement, or Position yourselves – through an open letter to the world; Personality Expo on People & Business Media will get the job done for you.

Learn more about our Personal Touch Exposure Marketing

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Display Banners Product People & Business

Boost Brand Image & Prestige for Massive Brand Recognition & Recall Rate

Display Banners

If all our written offerings above do not interest you, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our display ad options. Get your brand viewed through your wonderfully designed banners you submit to us for display.

With our intuitive banner placement (header, sidebars, footer, in posts), your banner ads will get the maximum exposure it needs for your target audience to take your desired action. You also get to enjoy wonderful discounts and flexible payment options.

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