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Are you ready to change your business into an International Sensation?

If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, then the People & Business Sponsored Content is what you need.

By using the People & Business Sponsored Content, you have the opportunity to interact with the large pool of visitors that visit the site each day. With this, you have the opportunity to tell this large audience what your brand is about, drive traffic, increase sales, build credibility, and gain quality backlinks at peanut prices.

Use sponsored content to connect and build credibility with your potential customers through engaging sponsored posts that educates, informs and entertains, and present your brand in a new light.


The quality of your product will not matter if people do not know who you are. Giving your brand the needed exposure will help it grow business grow and sustain its market-share.



Getting a lot of people to your site who don’t buy anything? What you need is quality traffic. The exposure you gain on People & Business also translates into quality traffic.


People & Business lets you place your lead magnet right in your sponsored content to help you capture leads right from our site and watch them stick to your product like glue.


Your leads will convert to sales if they believe in your product. Watch your sponsored content turn readers into paying customers as you engage with them and build trust.


If people trust you, they will show it through sales and loyalty to your brand. Continually building credibility is the currency of your business. Having your Sponsored Content on People & Business Media adds to and sustain your credibility in the market.



Quality backlinks are essential to getting more organic traffic. People & Business Media links back to your site through your Sponsored Contents. The more trust you have in the form of links, the better you rank in search results.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is priceless. It keeps you independent of search engines, and it means on are always on the mind of your customers. Sponsored Content brand awareness benefits pushes your brand to newer and higher heights.

Did you know that 53% of People would rather view Sponsored Content than banner ads?

Did you know that 2/3 of consumers prefer to learn about products through good content? This is preferred to many other forms of advertising which are regarded as intrusive and irritating.

How do you benefit from using People & Business Sponsored Content?

Opportunity to interact with a larger, more diverse audience (Reach)

Opportunity to interact with a larger, more diverse audience (Reach)

How many diverse group people are you able to reach when you post your own content on your site? I guess the answer is, Not Enough. What if you had access to a site that had a large and diverse audience base? Imagine the number of people that you could reach over time with your brand and products?

This should no longer be an imagination since you have all that and more with People and Business Media. With People and Business Sponsored Content, you have such an opportunity. With our large base of diverse audiences, your post is bound to get the attention that it deserves.

Not only do you get to post your content with your brand name and backlinks, you also have a great opportunity to interact with all the people that comment on the post. Talk about real-time marketing.

You are also build credibility and are recognized as an authority in your industry. Our audience knows that the content provided on the site is one that adds value to them. Once your content is published on People and Business Media, you are well on your way to gaining the industry recognition you deserve.

Opportunity to showcase your brand to prospective buyers (Brand Awareness)

You can’t really say you are a big brand if people do not know who you are. Your brand awaremess is very important when you go into business. This is because your brand is what identifies you in your industry and also to your customers.

Using the People and Business Sponsored Content is great for your business because it helps you grow your brand awareness and hence increase your market-share. If at first people did not know who you were, once the content is published, they will know you are someone to pay attention to. With the large pool of daily visitors to the site, you are assured of this.

Opportunity to showcase your brand to prospective buyers (Brand Awareness)

Converts Visitors to Leads and Sales (Quality Traffic)

Converts Visitors to Leads and Sales (Quality Traffic)

Sponsored Content is one of the highest performing forms of native advertising. People love it because it does not seem like an ad, so they take action.

Having a lot of people visit your site is good but what if they visit your site and do nothing? Do you want people that just visit and do nothing, or do you want people that visit and take action?

Using People and Business Sponsored Content guarantees you the needed traffic to your site. We link back to your website on your sponsored content, hence anyone who enjoys your post can just click a link to know more about you. Some packages allow you to include your lead capture form right on your sponsored content.

Do you want the paying customers or you just want those that are just passing through? With our kind of audience, you are assured of the former. You are not just given the numbers because the traffic that comes to your site will actually engage with you. Some will become leads while others will become paying customers.


White- Hat SEO Benefit Through Backlinks (Inbound links)

Due to the diverse nature and background of the People and Business Audience, you are bound to get people that would link to your post and site. You also get to link back to your site right from your Sponsored Content.

How do these links benefit you? We have a lot of high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites. When we link you, we pass on the link juice to help your site preform better.

Also, if the person who linked to you has a large following, some of those followers will become aware of you. Not only does this increase your brand awareness, it is also informing others that they can trust you and your brand.

The best part about this is that Search engines will also trust you too because backlinks from other sites to yours signals to the search engine that your site is worth being ranked higher.

White- Hat SEO Benefit Through Backlinks (Inbound links)

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Improved Search Engine Ranking

So all the links directly from us and those from our readers' sites all build up to help your site gain more visibility on the search engines. Search engines trusting you means one thing - your ranking in search results is also going to increase. What does this mean for you?

More brand awareness, and more quality organic traffic for you. This means more people will know you and more of them will engage with you. This translates to more leads and sales to help your business succeed even more.




Build Credibility and Authority For Stronger Business Foundation

By posting your Sponsored Content on People and Business Media, you are establishing yourself and your brand as credible. In business, your credibility is your currency. Low credibility means few people will actually trust you which means that you lose in terms of sales and brand recognition.

High credibility means that people trust your brand strongly. They are more likely to buy your products if they trust you. By posting quality content from you that don't just promote you but also educate and informs on relevant issues in your niches and industry increase customers trust and engagement with you as a brand.

Build Credibility and Authority For Stronger Business Foundation

Did you know that Sponsored posts are currently being looked at, as a possible solution to ad blocking?

Ad blockers are believed to have cost publishers more than $20 billion in revenues in 2017.

Who do we work with?

People & Business Media works with a wide variety of businesses from all over the world. We work with startups who trying to establish themselves in their industries and established brands who seek to boost their global image.


  • People and businesses who genuinely want to reach out newer and larger audiences.
  • Businesses operating in any niche not listed below in who we don\'t work with
  • Small companies who want exposure
  • Large businesses who want more exposure
  • Individuals and brands who want to showcase their products and achievements to the world

Our clients are not judged based on their size but their desire and will to succeed. The packages offered are tailored to suit this desire and drive of the companies. It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or an established business, we will provide you with the platform to share your content with the world.

We DO NOT accept...

Any material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libelous, threatening, pornographic, harassing, hateful, racially and ethnically offensive, harmful to children, in violation of any third party’s rights or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate.

How It Works in 3 Steps

1. Content is planned and written by sponsor. For good results, content should be relevant to sponsor and not be product placement.

2. Content is reviewed and edited by P&B team. This is to certify that content falls in line what P&B offers. The editing process is to also check for small mistakes that may ruin the content

3. Content is then published on the People & Business site. P&B audiences will have the opportunity to view the content once published.

Available Categories & Niches

Any of these Niches and Categories are accepted

Arts, History & Culture, Books, Business, Christian Living & Ministry, Sermons & Theology, Crime & Security, Economy & Politics, Education & Career, College, Campus, Career, Financial & Job, Clubs & Fraternities, Student Life, Study Abroad & Scholarships, Gaming, Hacks, Tips & Ideas, Lifestyle, Emotion & Wellness, Entertainment, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Wearable, Jewelry & Accessories, Weddings, Events & Ceremonies, Money, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Mining, Ethereum, Guides & Regulations, Litecoin, Prices, Ripple, Entrepreneurs, Finance, Budget & Savings, Investments, Real Estate, Retail, Science & Environment, Social Media Network, Sports, Stories, Top Global News, Automotive, Healthcare, Industries, Markets, Opinions from Readers, Technology, Travel, World.

Sponsored Content Packages

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These are some of our sites that are open to receiving sponsored content.

when you place your order, it will be posted on the site you wish

Sponsored - Basic

Published max 48 hours after placing order

Life time after publication - Forever

850 words max

1 image only

Can mention any of your different brands

3 no-follow backlinks

Your lead capture form embedded within your content on our site

Your article must be unique and can not be published anywhere else


one-time payment

Sponsored - Plus

Published max 24 hours after placing order

Life time after publication - Forever

1200 words max

3 images only

Focus on one brand – no other mentions

2 do-follow & 2 no-follow backlink

Target Readers in up to 2 country along with preferred cities

The article must be unique and can not be published anywhere else


one-time payment

Sponsored - Standard

Published max 10 hours after placing order

Life time after publication - Forever

1500 words max

up to 5 images

Can mention up to 3 of your different brands

3 do-follow backlink

Up to 1 video your submit embedded in your content

Target Readers in up to 3 countries along with preferred cities

The article must be unique and can not be published anywhere else


one-time payment

Sponsored - All Out

Published max 6 hours after placing order

Life time after publication - Forever

2000 words max

Up to 7 images

Can mention any number of your different brands

8 do-follow backlink 

Up to 1 video your submit embedded in your content 

Your lead capture form embedded within your content on our site

Target Readers in up to 5 countries along with preferred cities

The article must be unique and can not be published anywhere else


one-time payment

If you have any issue affecting your purchase decision or would like to dicusss bulk package discount, we would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.

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Our sales legion is available to address any issue or questions you have

Still not sure if People and Business Sponsored Content is the right product for you?

No long-term contract

You are free. We lock you into no Long-term contracts. Either you post just one content or you come into agreement to provide People & Business Media audience with regular sponsored content. The choice is entirely up to you.



100% Money-Back Guarantee

Full Refund if your sponsored content is not published on time. You may want your post published at a certain time (according to your package). If we do not comply, we will offer you a full refund. Best part is, your post will still remain published on our site.

Nonprofit Discount

As a nonprofit organization, you may be interested in putting up sponsored content to improve your brand and organization. We know you are not in this to make money so we can arrange a little discount in store for you. Get in touch with us and let's talk.


Customer Support

Our state of the art customer support is available to you before, during and after you put up your sponsored post. Our support staff will be there to ensure that all issues that may arise are addressed on promptly because your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Seeks more exposure?

Need quality traffic?

Brand awareness?

Improved search engine rank?

Build new followers and audience for your existing business?

Looking to promote your service to a wider audience?

Showcase your brand to your target audience?

Individual who wants be regarded as an authority in their industry?

Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does it take to publish the Sponsored Content?
How long it takes to get the Sponsored Content published depends on the package you choose. Each package's time duration is set in relation to reviewing process by the editors at People and Business Media. This is to verify that it falls in line with our terms and policies. Once the review is done, the post is then published. If the author wants the post to be published immediately they send it, it will cost them significantly more. However, most posts usually go live long before the set deadline.
How much traffic do I stand to gain?

The amount of traffic that goes to your site will depend on you and the post published. If the content is in line with what People and Business is about, chances are, you will get a lot of traffic.

The quality of the content also matters when it comes to views and unique visits. A well created and structured content that is engaging is bound to have more views than one that is bland and boring.

On a whole, you are guaranteed more than 500 unique visits to your site.

Is it possible to track my progress?

It is possible to track the progress of the campaign. As of now, this service is not available to our clients. We encourage our clients to use the analytics platform on their site to track the metrics.

We also track the metrics on our end. We will share those metrics with clients if they request for it.


Will my website be penalized if I use Sponsored Content?

The simple answer is NO. Your website will not be penalized. Using paid content that drives traffic to your site is highly legal and accepted by Google.

The only time you will get penalized is if you intentionally stuff the content with unnecessary links. In order to avoid this, we have set a maximum number of links that can be placed in the content.

We also encourage authors to use related keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.

Can I include images and videos in my Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content does not always have to be in the form of text. Videos and images can be included in the post. The number of images and videos included in the post will depend on the package chosen. The higher the package, the more images and videos can be included.


How long will my post stay on your site?

The post will remain on the site for as long as possible. The post will only be taken down if the sponsor makes the request. The post will also be taken down if any copyright violations are labeled against it.

Why should I choose People and Business to post my Content?

By choosing People and Business, you are assured of several benefits which include Brand awareness and exposure. You also have access to a large audience base that is ready to interact with your content.

Our products are among the most affordable on the market. When you choose us, you are increasing your chances of being noticed and achieving your set goals and targets.

The best part is, we do not disappoint. In the rare instance that we do, you get your money back without any hassle and your content will also be published free of charge.


Can you write the sponsored content for me?

We can help you with the sponsored content in the form of editing your submission. If you want us to write it for you, then you would need to go for the business or personality Expo. These packages will require us to work hand-in-hand with you, to paint you and your brand in a good light.

Click on this link for more information on the Business Expo and Personality Expo.

Where do I start with Sponsored Content?

For Sponsored Content, all you need to do is find a topic that is relevant to your niche, do the necessary research on that topic and use that to create an engaging and compelling content.

Once the content is done, reach out to People and Business Media Sponsored Content. Send the content along with payment. The People and Business Media team of editors, will review the content and once done, the post is published.

Can I track my leads?

Leads can be tracked on the clients end. You can tell the number of leads generated by regularly checking your mailing list. People and Business can only help you set up the lead magnet and form but would not be able to track for you.