WB Prodigy Hunt: Round 2 – Public Voting By Comments

Host: WealthBankers Foundation

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Succcessful candidates in this Round would progres to Round 3. This Round will consist of contestants who have survived the previous Round (the cut from 1000 to 50 prodigies). In this round further votes will whittle the number to the last 10 contestants. At this stage, your likes will not count. You vote by commenting ("I vote WBPH") on the Round 2 videos that will be uploaded on WealthBankers Foundation YouTube Channel.

NB: Even though comments are the accepted votes in this round, we encourage fans to like as well, as it will show your support for the prodigy's good work.

Details of WB Prodigy Hunt - Round 2


This round is the most analysed and detailed session of the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt. It will consist of 50 prodigy contestants who made it from Round 1.  Out of these, only 10  contestants will make it to Round 3.

Number of Videos: We will upload 50 videos for Round 2 on WealthBankers Foundation YouTube Channel. The public will vote by commenting "I vote WBPH" in the comment section of the YouTube Video for that particular Prodigy.

In this round, the public will have a deeper understanding of the remaining 50 contestants. This is because, each prodigy will tell us more about their project, the challenge they had to overcome, and those they still face.

Prodigy contestant videos will answer questions like:

  • The challenges they faced
  • Who gives them their inspiration
  • The challenges they overcame
  • Why they did not give up
  • What they plan for the future
  • When did they started working on it
  • Where do they see themselves in the future
  • How is it impacting the community
  • Why people should vote for them
  • How they raised funds to finance their projects
  • And many more.

Only the Top 10 Candidates will make it from this Round of the Competition. Progressing to the next round will depend on how candidates answer such questions. This would then influence how the public votes (via comments). These questionsare meant to find out the struggles, challenges, support and other hardships they went through as they carried out their projects and why they are worthy to become “The WealthBankers Prodigy”.

This stage is also meant to open the prodigies to investors who might be interested in working with them to help the community and the society as a whole.

Prodigy contestants will actively solicit for votes through our YouTube Channel and other avenues they wish. This round will also have contestants put up posters with their inventions or projects on social media. This is to solicit for Votes.

Who is Judging Round 2 – Public Judge by Comment Voting


In order for prodigies to progress from this Round, they would need the public to vote for them. The Top 10 prodigies from this Round, who progress to Round 3, stand a chance to win Country Level Prizes and further go on to win the Grand Finale Prizes.

Round 2 - Prodigy Videos Uploaded: Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 11:59pm GMT

Round 2 - Voting Date: Starts Wednesday, 25 July 2018, 12:00am GMT --- Ends Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 11:59pm GMT.

Where: You are to vote in comment section of the Round 2 videos for each Prodigy.

How: Only comments having (I vote WBPH) will be counted as votes. Only one vote per account will be counted. You can comment as much as your wish on the prodigy videos but ONLY one of your comments with the vote tag will be counted as your vote.

Who: Anyone from any part of the world can vote.

Cost: FREE

The judges are solely going to be the public who votes by commenting (I vote WBPH) once on the Round 2 videos of each prodigy. There will be no involvement of the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt Team in determining the winners of Round 2. It solely rests on the audience.

So share the WealthBankers Prodigy Hunt far and near to help your favorite prodigy contestant win.

Disqualifications & Requirements to Advance to Round 3


The winners announced in Round 1 will be automatically qualified to Round 2 of the WealthBankers Prodigy hunt. Failure of contestants to follow the rules of the competition will disqualify them. Prodigies with the highest comment votes will move on to Round 3.

Contestants for round two who do not make it in the voting session are automatically disqualified and will receive the prize for that round and those below it. If a prodigy contestant does not follow the rules of the competition, he/she will be replaced with a good prodigy contestant who didn’t make into the second round.

WB Prodigy Hunt Participants in Round 2

When the Hunt begins, the Prodigies who made it to this round will be shown below.