Some Security Problems You May Encounter While Monetizing

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you need to become an expert in monetizing your websites and content if you want to be successful. With this, you’ll be able to put more work into your website, and the ability to monetize makes your website more innately valuable in itself. As long as you do it carefully, there is no way your website wouldn’t be a success.

Most website owners forget that once you begin working on site monetization, you start to handle more sensitive accounts and data relating to financial matters, which attracts hackers and cybercriminals.

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When you refuse to take strict security measures, you become vulnerable and your website can be hacked or stolen right under your nose.

Here are four of the most common complications site owners miscue when focusing on making money off their website:
  1. Mobile Attacks and Public Networks

Referring all of your online business to home or office deprives you of a lot of time to work on your website’s lucrativeness, and smartphone and laptops allow you to work wherever you want. However, there are specific problems that you can run into while on the road, so consider the following:

  • Your phone has a lot more information on it than you might think, so be sure to lock it down. Have a screen lock and a plan for if it gets stolen. Your phone can be easily replaced. Your website might not be so lucky.
  • Public networksare dangerous due to the hackers that can intercept your website and account information on them, and the usual tools won’t help you. You are going to need to hide your identity and encrypt your connection by using a Virtual Private Network, which is a service that will connect you to an offsite secure server and keep you safe from hackers.

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  1. Compromised Accounts

The moment you start working with site monetization, you will be working with various online accounts, whether they are related to affiliate programs or advertising or simply an email account for newsletters and reader interaction (it’s not recommended to use your personal email address for such purposes). These accounts are very valuable, and if compromised, you could be dealing with an emergency. Hence, they must be kept under your control at all times, and you should take the following steps to secure yourself:

  • Use strong passwords and verification measures with each account. You can use different passwords with each account. As hackers will search for you online to find answers to security questions, be cautious about your choices.
  • Also, don’t forget to protect your email account(s). Separate personal and business email accounts, and also have a more private email account just for financial matters.
  • If possible, disable accounts you don’t use anymore. They can still contain valuable information that can be used against you some time to come.

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  1. XSS Vulnerabilities

To put it briefly, a XSS attack involves a hacker injecting malicious code onto your website. This code can do a variety of things from install malware onto visitors’ computers to tricking people into typing in their login information and sending it to the hacker.

You will likely have to include more input fields and other things on your website in the site monetization process, so try to do the following to minimize the risk:

  • Update all of your tools and your website often. XSS vulnerabilities pop up over time and patches are released frequently to take care of the problem. If your plugins or tools aren’t updating, find a replacement for them.
  • See if your web host has any tools available to scan for XSS vulnerabilities or has plugins available to close these security holes. Once you find vulnerabilities using these tools, close them no matter how difficult the steps needed to do so may seem at the time.
  • You don’t need a comment section on every section of your website. In some cases, hackers can inject code using a comment, so consider this and see if there is an option to turn any comment into plain text.

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  1. Scams and Social Engineering

People are often concerned with malware and direct hacking attacks they see in the movies instead of focusing on the real threat, which are hackers with minor computer skills but great people skills.

Most major data breaches are caused by human error, and hackers are much happier to capitalize on that than they would be poring over code for hours looking for a weakness that might not exist. As you improve your website and monetize it, you need to keep on the lookout for scammers looking to take advantage of eager website owners.

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Think of the following:

  • Trust no one. Unless you can get more verification that someone is who they say they are, assume nothing. Scammers are clever at hiding their identities and have thought of just about everything.
  • Nothing on the internet is free. The old adage that if you aren’t the customer, then you are the product is true. Some deals are in fact too good to be true.
  • No matter how good the money might look, don’t ever give up private website info or financial information. No one ever needs to know that. Your passwords and accounts are yours and no one else’s. This cannot be stressed enough.

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Site monetization is an exciting step and development in the life cycle of your website. It shows that you really want to turn your project into a business and that you have the support of your readers should it work out.

Just remember that with greater reward comes greater risk. This can be managed, but attention must be paid to both the obvious and not so obvious threats online. Securing your computer and your website needs to be a priority and not a choice.

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