Spotlight – The Beacon to Follow?

Business Alone in the Dark - Under the Spotlight - With Copyspace
Business Alone in the Dark - Under the Spotlight - With Copyspace



i hate the fact that we put much spotlight on the famous people and write all these stories about them. For most people, they are the beacon that we, the upcoming lowlifes should follow. Maybe it’s all for a good purpose. But I see different.

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See, We are in a society filled with all kinds of people: the angry, the selfish, the good, the kind, the glorious, etc. all striving for the goal, that purpose. Whatever that purpose is.

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God bless all youth but aren’t we all are busy trying to fulfill the Maslow’s theory? Come to think of it, most of the activities we do every day is a recurrence. Like puppets, we are controlled by the strings of life turning into any direction it pleases.

We are filled with so much strength. There’s nothing wrong in getting that certificate or that job. We all want the spotlight but spotlights are tough. Many people die under them.  We are thought to fight for our own dreams not realizing in doing that, we kill the dreams of others.

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It’s good to play our own drums, sing our own song. That is the joy of living. But what is it worth if it cause harm to your own friend? I admire you but I don’t want to be you and miss out on being me. You don’t find someone under the rocks and rejoice because the spotlight is on you.

There are over 2,000 billionaires in the world. Each having their own success story. But one thing is certain- they stayed on course, not because they wanted the spotlight, but because they saw something bigger than them. It’s not about you, it’s about those around you. There is that person that gives generously, yet gains more; another refuse to give what is right, only to become poor.

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We all have had our time in the desert as well as on the mountain top. But I’ve learned my deepest lesson from the desert. We read all this story about Mark Zukerberg and how he got out of Stanford and started Facebook. [pause] Well I’m not mark. I’m not the son of a president but I choose to be purposeful. I don’t want to spend my time in the city of hopelessness.

We live in a copycat society. You are supposed to be you. Learn from others, yes. But be you as in Unique. Life beats you. Hardship take its toll on you. Illness takes over. But that’s okay. So many people are going through the same thing. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Today I empower you to overcome your world and help others. That’s were your spotlight is. That’s where you find your peace. Your joy will be non-negotiable.

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