The Underrated Beauty of the Melanin Skin – Black is Beautiful



“What exactly is beauty?”

I randomly asked a female friend of mine who once had a struggle defining simple aesthetics. She said “I asked the Mirror Mirror on the wall, was I the fairest of them all? No, you’re not, the mirror replied. But… you are the prettiest. Now, that was the most confusing moment of my life”.

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For a second I was locked in awe and in disbelief about how confusing being described as the prettiest was shocking to her. Guys, you should have seen her. Whenever she smiles there’s always a slow-motion effect like its done in these movies.

Her eyes always glisten with the purest form of energy, I suspect there’s a galaxy of stars embedded deep inside. Yes, if kryptonite was in a human form that would be her, ‘cause she is most definitely every super human’s weakness. So then I asked, why was she shocked?

Again she replied with the calmest of tones “Growing up, the books I read and people around me appreciated the lighter skin way more, so much that I forgot how beautiful the dark skin was. I know I’m not the only one who has forgotten how beautiful melanin really is. But now I know better.

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With a deep sigh, I was relieved she found out the truth about her dark skin. The truth about the dark brown to black pigmentation in the skin referred to as Melanin. It’s always amazing when females finally realize how much of a treasure the dark skin is. Through no fault of theirs, society places more regard on the lighter skin through the media, books, and movies too. Even until recent times, Barbie dolls were only produced as light skinned. All the more reason no one should ever shame those who used bleaching products.

There’s a fight going on out there. A mental struggle for many dark skin women who grew up learning the same things my friend grew up learning – That black isn’t beautiful. All this because melanin is underrated in our world today. According to the World Health Organization, an unbelievable 77 percent of Nigerian women use skin lightening products. If you did not believe that there’s a war going on out there, this might be just the evidence you need. How are you contributing to this ongoing menace in our world today?

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It all starts with the mind and mentality. They say you never know what you have until you lose it, and this can happen since men have undervalued the richness of melanin. If we don’t fight, we would eventually lose it. Truly, black is beautiful yet we go on to listen to how much a dark skin man would match perfectly with a light skin woman. If it’s truly about aesthetics, then it’s time we realize that aesthetically, both skins have their strength and weaknesses.

Personally, I’m madly attracted to melanin skin and I’m always in awe when people link solely the light skin to beauty. Like really? Are you lot blind? I know we are all diverse in taste so everyone can not have the same choices. But if you go ahead and let society’s standards to influence you on what you should be praising and giving more essence to, then my friend, you are really just part of the problem at hand. Don’t be that person.

Skin Bleaching is a menace to our society. Appreciate your beauty, cause truly dark skin is beautiful. Our great-grandmothers appreciated theirs till the Slave owners changed the social construct to deceive us that the dark skin is less valuable. Actually, they lied. Make sure you always remember that black is Beautiful. Black is Unique. Black is Treasure.

You are Treasure!


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