Screens Job Arena

Screens Job Arena is a one-stop channel for everything career related. It caters to all aspects of the career, employment, and human resource landscape. This channel is dedicated to addressing the contemporary issues pertaining to the employment industry. Career counseling and guidance shall be provided in simple, straight-forward and easy-to-digest videos that will show compelling evidence of the dos and donts of how to have a successful career.


Screens Current Affairs

Screens Current Affairs is a mixed bag of trending news and issues that are happening all over the world as well as informative in-depth discussions on those issues. To properly dissect and grasp the matters at the heart of the issues, there shall be panels of reputable personalities that shall be constituted to help with the discussions either on the WB News Mag, Hindsight or the Puzzle.


Screens Spice

Spice up your life with videos that entertain you, open your mind, keep you updated on trends whilst still educating you on Screens Spice. Join us have awesome fun in different categories such as:

  • Reactions
  • Should We, Really???
  • Team G (How To)
  • Awesome
  • A Word a Day
  • I Bring Clarity

You are ensured to have the time of your life…

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