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Do Good Football Managers Accept Mistakes? – Antonio Conte’s Case

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The question that lingers through a lot of football fanatics about managers  has to be the issue of responsibility when things go south. Some way some how, every manager does a great job whenever their team wins a game. However, the same tactics used against the same opponents to win could have warranted a loss. Even when extra factors such as same game play and tactics from opposition could were put in place.

Football can get unpredictable and sometimes hard to place a hand on it. However, there are always odds of some teams beating others when they clash in game.

One of such examples can be found in the English Premiere League. Lets take two English Chelsea FC and Watford FC. These two teams have had an overall encounter of twenty – one (21) games in the EPL. Out of these, Chelsea has won 11 game with Watford taking 6 games. The 4 games were drawn.

In their case, the last time Watford was able to manage a win was in the 1999/2000 premiere League game. Even though Watford Beat Chelsea by a goal up, Chelsea was able to win the next game from that season.

18 years down the line, Chelsea has never lost to Watford in Premier League and FA Cup games. However, tables turned with a gruesome 4-1 loss on the 5th of February 2018.

Why, How, What exactly Happened?, What did we do wrong?” some fans cried out.

As usual, a lot of blame was deligently thrown on the manager. This then brings back to our question: does a good football manager accept his mistakes?

“For sure I have to take the responsibility as maybe I made the wrong decision with the starting eleven.” Antonio Conte, Chelsea FC manager.

Evidently, Conte chose to accepts responsibility for his teams awful performance with Watford FC. Their previous encounter with Watford saw them earn a 4-2 win. However, fans merely forgot about the capabilities of their manager.


“To play football in a great club it means you must have a personality, because it is simple to play when there is the confidence,” Conte said during a post-match press conference.

No one ever saw this loss coming for Chelsea, and if anything the entire team should have been blamed. Not just the manager. Antonio Conte, however, through his admission of fault cleared the air that the team however played with “fear”. Clearly that is debatable but not surprising after Bakayoko’s red card.

The Blue’s player received a red card – for tow bookings in just five minutes – that caused the Premier League Champions to thread on the back foot. Antonio Conte continued:
“Especially in this type of moment it is simple to see who. In this moment you have to show and have personality”

The game initially had Troy Deeney from Watford convert a penalty to place Watford ahead before the break. With down spirits the dressing room break must have revived the team. A response goal was brought up right when Eden Hazard’s fine finish brought it up to par.  With a player out for the Blues, sky rocketing confidence from Watford and a couple of mistakes from the manager, the inevitable happened.

Watford had a late streak of goals coming from Daryl Janmaat, Gerard Deulofeu and Roberto Pereyra to wrap up Watford Manager,Jarvi Gracia’s win. Conte’s men were dire in a 3-0 home loss to Bournemouth. Unluckily on Wednesday they had their worst performance in such a long while that the Italian to accept he picked the wrong team – Good Manager or not.

We played without personality, from the start I didn’t see confidence to play football. Usually we train and play with confidence and take the risk, but today we started very poor and with fear and this is the worst situation for a coach.

Amidst speculations of his future in the football club, Conte openly doesn’t play the blame game to his new signee – Bakayoko. Is that what makes a good manager or not? Or maybe it was so obvious he just had to state his mistakes? Would Antonio Conte openly state out his wrongs even if the blame doesn’t get thrown at him?

Whatever the case is, we wish him the best with his teams progress in the premiership this season. If you are a Chelsea fan too, Goodluck!

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