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Family or Justice – Torn Between My Brother and the Truth

The Puzzle

What would you do if you are trapped between saving your family’s name or a member and ensuring that justice prevails? This can be a really difficult situation as your conscience will keep haunting you. On the other hand, if you are unable to save your family, you are in trouble because you can even be disowned.

When one finds himself in such a situation, it doesn’t take a day to make a final decision. You’d have to reason with your conscience and involve other people before concluding on the matter.
When you are unable to defend your family, you will be seen as evil and a bad person but what happens to your conscience?

Most people will do the right thing because they were brought up to always do so. Others will do the opposite because they feel that is what will bring them peace of mind and not have problems with anyone.

The level of discipline within some families wouldn’t permit their members to just mess around. I remember when a friend wanted to give me some examination questions prior to my final exams in high school.  And I ‘foolishly’ told my mum about it knowing very well that she wasn’t going to be happy with me. on that day, I had to promise her I not to cheat in the exams and really, I didn’t.

I didn’t because I knew the consequences and knowing my mother, she wouldn’t condone crime, hence she was going to give me out if anything bad had happened.

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Mother Fights for Justice – She Does Not Condone Crime

How do I know she would have given me out? She’s called for the arrest of my elder brother before. My big brother was abusing his wife in their matrimonial home and when mother heard about it, she was very furious. She called him and advised him to desist from that but as obstinate as he was, he wouldn’t listen.

One hot afternoon, a nurse called from a hospital to tell my mum about my sister-in-law losing her pregnancy and bleeding profusely. Apparently, my brother had hit her and gone out of their house.

It took the help of a good Samaritan to rush her to the hospital. She asked the nurse to call my mom when she regained her consciousness.

Mother rushed to the hospital only to hear what she dreaded to hear – she lost her pregnancy! She couldn’t bring herself to understand why my brother could beat her wife to the extent of losing a seven-month fetus.

Guess what she did?

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Mother Calls for His Arrest

After sister-in-law was discharged from the hospital, she brought her home and reported the incident to the police. Though her wife begged her to settle the matter at home, she warned her to stay out of it because my brother had been adamant. My brother was arrested at his residence the following day and had to spend close to a week behind bars.

It took several pleas from people including his own wife before mother decided to allow the police to grant him bail. Some members of my family thought my mom was just being wicked but this was her favorite son she was doing this to. To me, she wasn’t being wicked but was just trying to protect another parent’s vulnerable daughter -my sister-in-law.

After my brother’s release, he refused to talk to my mom for some time. However, he later came around to beg for forgiveness and promised never to repeat what happened. He went back home with his wife and we’ve never heard that he has raised a finger on her again.

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Like Mother, Like Son

Just like some people thought my mother was wicked for calling for the arrest of her own son, others may think otherwise. They might have seen her as rather wicked if she hadn’t done anything about the situation. To her, doing the right thing is key to her and no matter what happens, the truth must stand supreme. This is a character trait I’ve inherited from her and I love it so much –the truth.


Family or Justice? Do You Tell the Truth?

Defending one’s family is good but not to the detriment of others. Imagine being a lawyer and knowing very well that your brother is guilty of a crime he committed. Do you give him out or protect him? Don’t also forget that you swore an oath of allegiance to the state to always defend the right thing. This is exactly the situation I find myself in.

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The Incident

I don’t think my brother learnt from what he went through when he beat his wife. About two weeks ago, I was in the office when my friend bitterly came to me in tears saying he dad has been shot dead. According to her, her dad had won a huge contract and made lots of money out of it. She went on to explain that it was kept in the office.

Her dad sent her to run copies for him. But upon returning to the office, she saw my brother and another guy leaving the office with a briefcase in a haste. She quickly rushed to the office and found her dad dead in a pool of blood. She reported the case my brother got arrested with his friend. The court has been sent to court and I am standing in as the prosecuting lawyer.


My Dilemma

My brother and his friend pleaded not guilty and the case is adjourned to next week. Now, I have good evidence which can prove that my brother killed my friend’s father. Somehow, my dad has found out and has come to me pleading I do not release the evidence.

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What Do I Do Next?

In my view, it will be better for your brother to pay for his crime than to live with a guilty conscience. It is better this way because the truth is like a cork. No matter how hard you suppress it, it will surely resurface. My brother must learn his lesson the hard way because it seems he is just adamant.

My family can choose to hate me forever but I prefer that to living with my guilty conscience forever. The truth must stand for justice to prevail. My brother must go to jail!

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