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Simple Steps to Help You Successfully Land a Job

I Need a Job

Having a job is a necessity for survival. No matter your age or level of education the prospect of having a job is always appealing. I remember how as a young student I wished I was done with school and was working so that I could afford all the stuff I really wanted but could not ask my parents for.

But upon completing school and bagging a degree, I realized that jobs were not as easy to come by as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that there no jobs or the jobs were few. What I mean is that the jobs are there but most often candidates are not suitably qualified to compete for the position.

The Issue at Heart

You will often hear job seekers complain about the lack of available jobs, nepotism and all sorts of issues related to job search. But they always forget that if they had prepared adequately for the job search process, those issues would not be much of a barrier to securing their dream jobs.

Most job seekers are more concerned about finding vacancies and applying for the jobs rather than investing in themselves and their resumes. There is absolutely no guarantee that you will land a job you applied for. The only way to do that is to ensure that you can truly compete with other highly qualified candidates that will also apply for the same position.

Investing in Yourself

What do I mean by investing in yourself and your resume? All I am saying is this; do you have the requisite skills and attitude for the job? Will your resume be able to convince the recruiter to want to meet you in person? But most people miss the train from their time in school.

Most people begin to think of finding a job when they realize they are about to complete college and then they realize that they have nothing exceptional that will make them stand out from their peers. That is the first mistake. The best time to start seeking employment is when you are in school.

There are several opportunities available to students gain some work experience and the best one, in my opinion, is the internship program. Internships provide students with a first-hand experience of how the corporate world works. Use this opportunity to learn and gain knowledge, but above all make contacts.

To truly succeed at anything, you need a plan. Not just any plan, but one that will work for you. Here are 6 things to consider including in your job search plan;

  • Resume
  • Network
  • Social Media
  • Job Boards
  • References
  • Cover Letter

Carefully note that these 7 points should be definitely considered when coming up with a plan or strategy to embark on a job search. However, the plan should not be limited to it, remember that everyone has peculiar needs and as such, you can add to it depending on your need.

Keep the Resume Updated

Having a resume is a must if you ever to get a job. However, not any kind of resume will get you the job. Your resume must be up to date and must include all necessary information that the employer will need. Remember to include references, relevant memberships, experiences, and accomplishments. If possible add pdf copies of your certificates. Don’t sell yourself short but don’t lie.

A lot of people leave their resumes unattended and not updated as soon as they find a job. This is because they think that the resume is done playing its role in their job search. Not looking to future is a fatal flaw that will cause problems later when the need arises to start job searching again. Most people just file the resume away and forget about it.

Though the resume may seem like a document that is used when it is needed, you should always keep it in mind. This is because when you start searching for a job again, you do not want to stress yourself out and try to transform the duties of your past jobs into accomplishments.

The best way to go about it is to keep your resume as current as possible. So that when the need arises to find a new job you are ready to go. It is also very important that you keep an updated resume because of headhunters. Headhunters can use your resume to get you jobs that you didn’t even know existed.

So, you should begin to update your resume frequently, let’s say quarterly. Another way to keep your resume updated is to have a Word document on your computer to write down future resume points that will assist you. You could as well email yourself notes and keep these emails in a folder that you can use for later. This should make it easy for you to have all the information you need when it is time to update your resume.

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