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Why You Need To Advance In Your Career

Save Your Sinking Career

The thought of having a successful and fulfilling career is topmost in the mind of all working class individuals. However, for most people, all that remains are the thoughts. For the few that are able to actually achieve this, it takes a lot of hard work and smart decision making. To live the life that you desire, you need to advance in your career. No matter what it is.

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In the corporate world, competition is very keen as there is a lot at stake. Profits to be made and targets to be met. In the midst of all the din, you should be able to consciously remove yourself from the distractions of the working environment and assess how you will advance your career.

To have a successful career you cannot stay in the same position for more than 5 years. If you see yourself in such a position, just know that you are stuck with little hope for redemption. However, in this article, we shall tackle the reasons why you need to advance your career.

Lets start with what career advancement is. It simply is the vertical or upward climb of a person’s career. This is usually evident in the rise of a person through the ranks of an organization from an entry level job to a management position. Such career advancement occurs due to experience, better training and certification as well as ambition and passion for the job.

The best time to advance your career is right at the the start. You may have missed it. The answer is during the job search and consideration. When considering taking up a job offer, it is best if you try to understand and know the career advancement opportunities you will have.

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It may sound non conventional but if you take a moment to read and analyze a job description, you will find answers to the issue of career advancement.

As stated earlier, the reasons to advance in your career are numerous and what ever reason you choose to do so, you need to have a plan. Map out a career strategy which should detail all you want to accomplish before retiring. Now that you have a road map, a plan to execute that strategy, the next thing is to begin diligent work.

Aside that you will need to be very patient and remain motivated. The truth is that your hard work may not pay off immediately and in that time you need to remain motivated and not lose focus of the goal. The journey may seem slow and not at all what you expected but to be successful you will have to  get through those tough times.

Here are two steps to help you get along through those difficult times.

Keep the Goal In Sight

Visualize your goals. A powerful tool that you can employ during such periods is positive imagery through the visualization of your goals. To advance in your career you need to positively visualize your goals as having been already achieved.

When you consciously do this, you trick the mind into believing it. So when everyone else at work walks around moping, you remain radiant because you keep your goals in sight.

Set Realistic Goals

Ever heard of the SMART approach, it is an acronym that stands for. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. This is a management technique that a lot of top managers use. Now we are only going to focus on the R which stands for realistic.

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We should be lofty with our dreams but realistic in our actions and plans. This is because resolving dreams and reality is no easy task. Sometimes no matter the amount of effort you put into something it never seems to work out.

So set realistic goals that can be met within the specific time-frame you put in place.If not, you will set up yourself for failure. Career advancement is not magic, it takes time and effort. Remember that every time you achieve the smallest milestone in your plan, your career advances.

No matter the reason why you have to advance in your career, be it for success, fame, economic stability or early retirement, just know that above all else, patience is key.

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