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Beautiful Classic Cars with Modern Hearts

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“They don’t make cars like they used to”

A very common phrase we hear from grandparents or any group still gripped tight in strains of nostalgia. Well, we get that classic cars should be cherished. Especially when they created a pathway to all the modern cars we have on our streets now.

The truth is, they don’t make cars like they used to before because old cars leak, smell and are terribly slow.

In actual sense they do not make cars like they used to because technology has really improved. Modern cars are faster, better, cost efficient and easier to handle. To burst your bubble, only three things improve significantly with time – wine, experience, and Kelly Rowland. Clearly, Classic cars didn’t make the list, however, there’s a new approach to this that evidently makes Classic cars way better.

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The idea behind these exceptions is to make these cars maintain their old look but with modern features. ‘Project Panther’ is a perfect example. This project involved re-imagining the swoopy, edgy brilliance of the classic DeTomaso Pantera, with a modern Lamborghini strapped underneath.

The DeTomaso Pantera

Other Classic Cars with Modern Hearts

Hopefully, some of these may catch your attention as a classic car lover with an infused taste of new things.

The Land Rover Defender Works

The last v8 defender built 20 years ago is nothing but a beautiful classic. Now it comes with a £150,000 price tag and a tweaked engine of 400bhp 5.0-litre (n/a V8). This new spec comes from a Jag with an ultra-modern eight-speed auto to go with it.

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If you are interested in this classic Rover, why don’t you go ahead and get the new and improved one.

Congleton Service Range Rover Classic

The Congleton Service Range Rover is a much older Rover that has the hearts of many of the rich in previous decades. It was as elegant as the new Range Rovers are now. The new and improved  Range Rover Classic comes with subtle but important changes.

Congleton stripped down a rover to its component atoms and rebuilt it to make it road worthy for another 50 years. That is half a century made possible with tackling old issues of the Rover and strengthening it to the core.

Singer Vehicle Design(SVD)

SVD has a set of lawyer-ish rules attached to it, so a good description would be from Tom Ford from Top Gear:

“The Tao of Singer is simple. Strip it bare, and remake it better. Identify the weak spots and eliminate them. Improve, elasticate the remit, but don’t Disneyfy the experience and asset-strip the soul. This is an early Nineties 964 Porsche 911, and there’s a confusing aesthetic tangle of earlier 911 design cues littered around the body and interior, and yet – as a whole – it’s pretty enough to be a visual punch in the guts. It’s as easy to drive as a VW Golf GTI, but as challenging to drive fast as anything you care to mention. The most exciting car ever built by Porsche… isn’t.”

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Mechatronik W111 Coupe

Are you one of those Classic Car lovers who has a specified desire for German cars? If you are, then this revamp of a classic would most likely excite you. For those who are into Big body benzes, here is the perfect fit for you – the Mechatronik W111 Coupe!

The re-worked W111 Coupe or convertible comes from the German engineering firm Mechatronik.  They produced restored and improved it with a 5.5-litre V8 AMG motor and modern suspension. For safety, it features an all-new safety system.

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Mechatronik says that the new W111 Coupe and Convertible  ‘keeps the appearance of this icon as unaffected as possible’. The best part is,it comes with an ‘unexpected performance’ and an interesting price tag. Full disclosure: it’s expensive.

Alfaholics GTA-R 290

This is simply an Alfa Romeo GTA so thoroughly re-worked as to be unrecognizable to drive and yet completely familiar to all Alfa Romeo fanatics in the world. It comes newly equipped with a 2.0-litre Twin Spark motor tuned to perfection. The new suspensions developed to both ride and handle smoothly just as a modern car allows you to.

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Extremely goodness to all Alfa Romeo lovers, they have a classic car that is as comfortable as any modern car now.

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