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Interesting Toyota Facts Worth Knowing

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Toyota being one of the revered names in the automobile industry has experienced a lot of interesting history. The type of history that has all merged to make the Toyota brand we know today.

Did you know that the Toyota brand utterly dominated the loom industry? or the fact that the legendary 2000GT set a high speed endurance record amidst a raging tropical storm? Or the Toyota Corolla could have easily passed for a sports car back then? Yeah, I thought so.

In the video above, I have listed interesting Toyota fun facts that might make you awe. However, I’m going list them here if you prefer reading them.Below are some funfacts from the Toyota brand:

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The Toyota Brand was originally spelt “Toyoda” with a D.

The founder Kiichiro Toyoda had to change the name from Toyoda to Toyota just to make the logo more pleasing. He oversaw the transition to “Toyota” after a contest for a new logo. This resulted in a popular choice—one that was more visually appealing in Japanese.

Over the years this has worked out for the company as its design is very easy to spot.


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The first Toyota model was basically a chevy.

After casting most of its pieces and using actual chevy pieces for the rest. run on 65 hp, nearly 10% to the American brand Chevy. The engine which was what made all the systems run was then basically a Chevy.

Much of the companies 1930s engineering was all done by try and error.

While developing their techniques, like using the electric foundry to cast iron a make new cast of steel. Toyota always made a prototype and re do it every time it wasn’t right. This goes on to tell us that, if you really want something, you should really keep pushing. No matter the number of times you fail.

Thank You Kiichiro Toyoda for this essential motivation.

The Toyota Land cruiser you know today was originally a jeep.


Since its inception in the 1951, it always seemed similar to the Jeep. Originally called the Toyota BJ but its similarities gave its tag name as the common referral as the Toyota Jeep. The Toyota brand had a great streak with the Land Cruiser, making it a very essential and cost effective car especially in developing areas.


Humanitarian workers all over the world are also not left out, as most of the companies have for years relied heavily on the Land Cruiser. Even from it’s inception, the Land Cruiser has done a lot of commendable trips.




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The Toyota BJ was so good it started breaking all known records.

For example, one Toyota driver took the Jeep up mount Fuji which is so high its actually illegal to go up during the winter.

In search of Jeep Like vehicles from the US government, the Toyota brand was singlehandedly saved the brand from a plunging fall. The Toyota BJ was the perfect car for the US government to use in the Korean war


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The lovely Toyota Corolla was easily a sports car in the 1960s.

Yeah, the home-ish Toyota corolla you know today was classy sports then. For a mid-1960s economy car, the first Toyota Corolla captured a lot of sporty hearts. The car featured strut front suspension like a European sport sedan, four speed stick shift, had a floor-mounted, and had more power than its competitors.

Unsurprisingly,  it hit an annual production with nearly a quarter million cars within three years. Demand was certainly high. If you were listing out famous cars from the 1960s, the first Toyota Corolla would obviously make that list.

Toyota Company developed a complex traffic app over 40 years ago.

In the early 1970s,Toyota users were in the future and that was amazing.  Its cars had a Comprehensive Automobile Traffic Control System featured – something like a control room like you’d see in a movie. It perpetually monitored traffic and let any car with a receiver know which streets were jammed, so drivers could take alternate routes.

Toyota was ahead of their time with this innovative feature – exactly the kind of feature technology seeking people in the 70s would jump on to. After all, it made life easier for them as they avoided the hustle of congested roads.

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