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Saving Your Reputation After an Office Fight

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After a fight in the office, you absolutely want to maintain your professional reputation while you remain under the roof of your office. One can actually walk about freely as though, nothing bad ever happened.

You shouldn’t feel bad when you happen to indulge yourself in a fight in your office. It happens sometimes. It’s part of human nature to disagree and to an extent, exchange words or throw blows to announce our displeasure.

The fight may be between you and a fellow colleague, or a customer, or even your boss. The worst thing to ever happen to any employee is to indulge in a fight with their boss?

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Are you going to hand in your resignation letter? No, hold on; you needn’t resign yet. There is a way to solve this and save your head.

It has already happened. How do you face your boss and the others in the office? How do you gain your respect back? This is what you should be thinking about after quarreling or throwing some blows in the office.

What can even cause an employee to fight in the office? Well, we all know that sometimes things just happen that cause us to lose our cool. Perhaps you angrily chucked your gallingly slow computer to the ground in a brief fit of anger.

Possibly you had a bad day and started giving other people attitude. Or, perhaps your conversation with a colleague got a bit more heated than was appropriate during a meeting.

Whatsoever the state of affairs, we all come across situations where our emotions get the best of us. But, as with anything else, it’s not really about what happened—it’s about how you react to it.

If you are contemplating on leaving, then you have to think twice.  In fact, there are a few things you can do to patch things up, save your head, and move on. Just follow these steps

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Tips on How to bounce back to normal after losing your cool in the office

First of all, bear in mind that you are human and mistakes in life are inevitable. That fight you had in the office was to some extent, inevitable. This is because through our interactions with other people, we tend to disagree with some of their ideologies and other lifestyles, hence we launch our displeasure.

It is important that you admit your emotional slipup and simply accept the fact that it happened. Unquestionably, it was certainly embarrassing and maybe even somewhat inappropriate in a work setting. But the truth is you’re only human and such things are bound to happen.

You may not be at peace with yourself and may keep reflecting on the incident. This serves no purpose other than to make you feel bad. Therefore, stop beating yourself up over your flare-up, and instead determine your best course of action for remedying the situation.

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Also, you’ve got to control that which causes your outburst. An unexpected emotional flare-up in the office is uncomfortable but you can still manage or control it. If you are that type of a worker who loses their cool every time a co-worker offend you, then you’ve got problems that you need to solve before they overwhelm you.

It is important to find out what exactly triggers your flare-ups so that you become aware enough to proactively avoid or subdue any circumstances that might lead to a future incident.

Often times, our emotional hysterics aren’t caused directly by the event that we think paved the way them. Rather, it is more of a “straw that broke the camel’s back” scenario. Perhaps you didn’t shout at a colleague because he teased you.

In fact, you may have already been feeling stressed due to something bad that happened at home. The teasing was just the curtain raiser that finally pushed you over the edge.

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With this scenario, it is advisable to get to the root cause of your emotional outburst so that you’re aware of these triggers and can manage them properly in future.

Again, Set Plans to forestall future occurrences. The moment you identify what exactly caused you to twirl, it’s time to devise some strategies to ensure you don’t have that same reaction again. For instance, if something a colleague worker said made you mad, try to approach him and discuss with him why you didn’t like what he did and how you felt about it. This way, he wouldn’t repeat it.

Involve others and brainstorm some keys that will help you keep your emotional responses in check. These strategies will prevent you from going off the hook when a situation gets tensed up.

Remember to show remorse and ask for forgiveness. This is the most important part. Whether your outburst made your co-workers a little uncomfortable or you made the mistake of directly offending someone when a situation got heated, saying “I’m sorry” is a critically a vital part of the head saving process.

Approach each person you offended and deliver a sincere apology for your actions. Let them know that your response was inapt, and you’re taking steps to make sure that your emotions never get the better of you again. You can end your apology with a handshake for their understanding.

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This not only shows your colleagues that you regret and recognize your blunders, but also that you are ready to accept their opinion about you. It is important to apologize and make amends if not, your reputation can rot and you can’t do anything about it.

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