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Technology is Changing the Way We Do Business – Is it a Good Thing?


Technology has considerably changed the way things are done in our world. Trips that would take days by horse and carriage, can now be done in just a matter of hours via cars. Medical conditions that could not have been detected in the past are now being diagnosed and treated. On a whole, technology has really improved on the quality of human living. One area that has seen a significant change is in the way we do business.

Business, in times past used to very cumbersome. An example was in the publishing industry where books were published by arranging texts on a block. This method of publishing was quite expensive and time consuming. Technology has improved the way publishing is done to such a point whereby books take a matter of hours to print and produce.

Amidst it all, many still ask whether this change is a good or bad thing. In order to answer this question, we need to identify and highlight some of these changes. By identifying these changes, it becomes easier to tell whether or not these changes are really good or not.

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Ways Technology is Changing Business

These are some of the ways that technology has changed the way we do business.

  1. Mobile Based Business Solutions

There are more mobile devices now, than at any point in recent history. The main reason for this is because these devices provide users with a level of convenience and flexibility they would not get with their personal computers.

What I am basically saying is that, the mobile phones we use today are basically powerful computers that we can fit in the palm or our hands. Mobile technology is not only limited to the mobile phone but other mobile devices such as the tablet.

Due to the large number of people using these devices, many businesses have started tailoring their business solutions to fit onto mobile devices. One such example is the ever growing popularity of responsive websites. These are websites that adapt to any type of mobile screen to provide users with a good browsing experience.

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Google has taken this a step further by changing its algorithms to give priority to sites that are properly optimized for mobile devices.

There are now more people using their mobile devices to transact business and this has greatly improved the way business is done.


  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another important change in the way we conduct business. Imagine yourself trying to run a video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro 2015, on an old Pentium 4 desktop you bought in 2009. It may or may not work as effectively as it would if you were running it on a newer and more powerful PC.

This is where cloud computing comes in to save the day. Instead of running the application on your computer, you rather run it on a third party computer or network. These third party service are mainly accessed through a browser.

With cloud computing services, your computer is spared from using its resources to run these applications. This means that as a company, you are not required to purchase new hardware every other year just so you can be able to use certain apps.

Some popular cloud computing services include Google docs, Pixlr, Canva and Dropbox.

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  1. Connectivity

The internet is often times regarded as the greatest technological invention in recent years. It is not hard to see why.

Because of the internet, the world has gotten smaller and we are constantly in touch with one another. Due to this level of connectivity, companies and businesses, no longer have to just limit their businesses to a single geographical location. The internet has made it possible for companies to interact with people all over the world.

Now, companies are able to turn people all over the world into their clients. Amazon is one business that has taken advantage of this. They do not only sell to American markets but to the whole world through the internet.

This level of connectivity means that businesses can afford to have their workers work remotely to good effect. Companies, especially small businesses, do not have to worry about finding an office space for their employees since it possible for them to do so from home. In terms of productivity and cost, businesses are able to increase their productivity whilst reducing cost. The cost includes the rent of an actual office space, internet data and bundle, and the lunch of employees.

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  1. Lack of Clarification between personal and professional life

One major downside of how technology is changing the way we do business comes in the fact that it is almost impossible to differentiate between personal and professional life. Due to our level of connectivity, workers can sometimes work while not being present at their place of work.

With this, it stands to mean that personal time can sometimes be used for work which means that a person can be working for 24 hours each day. The people that lose out the most are families and friends of these people. These people will not be able to spend enough time with their families – posing a threat to them, mentally and emotionally.

No matter how you look at it, technology has really changed the way we do business. Just as there are several pros to this there are also some cons as well. The impact of technology on business has been both positive and negative.  So far, the positives tend to outweigh the negatives.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you believe that technology is improving our way of business or do you think it’s rather harming us?


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