Awesome Thursday – Hilarious Compilation of Funny Animal Videos


As much as humans like to think of themselves as the only serious creatures on the planet, they really aren’t. This planet of ours is home to several animals and creatures. We have been able to bring some of our animals’ home and turned them into friends. Some have become our best friends and we have so many memories of them.

The cool thing about some of these animals especially our pets is that they are fun to be around. Have you ever gotten angry with your cat or dog because you call them and they refuse to come only to come later and pretend as though nothing happened? That is how annoying they can be but you just can get angry with them.


Sacred Protectors

These animals can also be our protectors and security. Our best friends for this task is our dog. Dogs are most times referred to as Man’s best friend and this is not far from the truth. Dogs will defend their owners even if their own lives might be lost in the process. If treated right, dogs will always remain loyal to their masters. Some even go as far as guarding children with their lives.

We’ve all seen dogs that have fought off kidnappers, bullies, and other wild animals just to protect their junior masters or mistresses. They take security seriously and will not relent until their owners are safe.


The Lazy Bosses

Cats may not be as security conscious as dogs but they also provide us with the needed comic relief. This is evident in the fact that there are more funny cat videos added to YouTube each day. Cats often times wow us with their level of curiousness. Unlike dogs, cats may steal your food and pretend as though they do not know what you are talking about.

The truth is simple, without animals, our human lives would be one boring mess. Thank God for all the animals he made for us to have fun with. My favorite animal is a cat, what is yours.

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