Awesome Thursday – Hilarious Compilation of Funny Children Videos


Children are God’s gift to man. Although they require lots of love and attention, they are truly a joy to behold. They fill our lives with so much joy and laughter, and this helps to drown all our sorrows and fears.

Caring for children can really be time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Children cannot fend for themselves so it falls on adults to do that for them. This means that children cannot be left unattended for any period of time no matter how small it is.

They are naturally curious as were we when we were like them. They like to explore and try new things. If the experience is painful, they will not attempt it again. If the experience was pleasurable, they are likely to repeat it.

Children would attempt to climb a tall bookcase in order to pick something. Whether or not the bookcase falls, is none of their business. A child will see someone drink medicine and smile and immediately they would also want to try it.



These things harken back to the curious nature of children. They are very curious and this curiosity can lead them into serious trouble. In their quest to satisfy their curiosity, they could end up hurting or injuring themselves. There are several instances where children have been known to have died as a result of their curiosity.

The curious nature of children also means that we as adults have the opportunity to see them make several mistakes. Some of these mistakes may be fun things that we can always share with them in the future.

In an age of advancing technology, we have the option of grabbing out cameras and documenting these experiences. These are to provide us with lasting memories that we can replay over and over. Sometimes, it is best to keep a camera nearby so that in the instance you see a child doing something funny, you can record it.

Enjoy these funny videos of kids at their best.

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