Bound To Light Up Your Soul And Make You Laugh


There’s no way comedy is a science, indeed it is an art. Therefore there are no rules on how it’s done neither can it be subjective. So in simpler terms, what others find funny, others might cringe at it. One interesting thing about comedy is that when analyzing comedy, the moment you look directly at it and investigate it too much, what makes the video funny disappears.

Why do you see comedy funny? I cannot find what makes a comedy video funny to you. There is no clear reason as to why a scene in a comedy is funny. Maybe a comedy is funny because it catches the moment. Also our need to feel intelligent comes into the scene and actually plays a lot role when finding a scene funny.

This is obviously clear that there are a lot of things that one can find funny in a comedy which may involve thousands of reasons. When someone makes a clever joke, few people are able to get it and the fewer people who were able to get it feel clever because we understood the concept. Comedy is immense with contradictions and opposites.

The main concept derived from comedy is no doubt different from every one. But the main concept remains, comedy is meant to makes us feel calmed, whole, happy and full of life. There’s the bad side of comedy. Words which are used in some comedy speech only provokes offensive reactions from the audience. Most comedians do not care. But you have the decision either to listen to them or listen to a comedian with not a single foul world.

Comedy is more than a pleasant way to pass humor something amusing. So next time you heard to a comedy show and about to watch a comedy movie, think of all the best benefits you can receive and enjoy every bit of it.

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