The Dancing Pallbearers Are Changing How Funerals Are Conducted


What do you think of Dancing Pallbearers. Yes, you heard that right. Funerals are usually solemn ceremonies, with a gloomy atmosphere and sad family and friends. It is the time we bid farewell to our loved one. However, these dancing pallbearers have change the way funerals are done.

Death is part of life but it doesn’t make it any less painful. Well, some families and wishes of the deceased are unusual. Luckily the internet has made some of these weird and unusual wishes known to the living.

There have been some unconventional funeral ceremonies but I am sure you have not witnessed dancing pallbearers. This makes for one very entertaining and unusual ceremony.

This does not mean the ceremony is devoid of crying and mourning because we not behind the scene. However, crying seems to be non-existent. The funeral seems to be a celebration of life. The pallbearers requires acrobatic skills and strength to accomplish this feat.

From the skilful transitions between dances to the balancing of the coffin on shoulders this is one awe-filled funeral.

About the Dancing Pallbearers and their services

These pallbearers are found in Ghana and are lifting the mood at funerals with their flamboyant coffin-carrying dances. Families are now willing to pay for their services to take their loved ones off in style.

It is unknown the fee for such a display at funerals but it is one I’m sure some families are willing to pay for. Seeing a funeral like this, makes the feeling of sadness light and actually commemorates that life is to be celebrated.

Despite the feeling of pain and loss, it is a time to appreciate the good and reminisce about the journey of life our loved one lived here on earth. I cannot wait to personally experience this dance at a funeral. This is the first of its kind and there are many more to come no doubt.

Would you like to leave earth this way? Or you are more of a solemn ceremony kind of person.

Regardless of your decision, I am sure you will enjoy this video.

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