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Unpopular Opinion Of Not So Funny Videos

Here’s the thing about most comedies, they just trying too hard. Instead of making people laugh, it just makes them so uncomfortable. Sorry for the people who work around the clock to get to the positive side of people? I’m actually embarrassed by them.

There are strange people out there in this world who don’t like comedy. For such people, “why on earth will they not like comedy?” some don’t like classical music, hip hop, ballet, chocolates, etc. but comedy, that’s weird. You begin to wonder if they had a trauma that led them to that stage.

The reason why they don’t like comedy is the high demand they place on things that just aren’t funny. At least, according to their opinion. Laughing to perfectly rehearsed lines and sentences is not the best comedy they’ll like. But the whole point of comedy is to bring joy and happiness and it fails to do that, you’ll be left with just a blunt stare.

But here’s the idea of probably why some comedy fails to amuse such people. Sometimes some comedies just try too hard. It looks like most comedians and videos of comedy try too hard to get on the good side of the people. How are they supposed to make thousands of people watching that instant laugh to the same “silly joke” or videos? Is it even possible? Maybe, maybe not.

Funny things are the ones that happen naturally. The ones that happen naturally in its occurring. Thus, either by accident, natural or organically. There is a clear difference between comedy and laughing or joy. You can have all the fun and laughter you want which happens naturally but never react to a comedy video. It’s not about being rude or weird, for some people, it’s just the way it is.

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