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When I first saw the promo videos for Kejetia vs Makola, I was amazingly hooked and impressed. To me, this was a very big deal because not many Ghanaian shows have been able to achieve this.

Aside theatre, Roverman plays in particular, I have not really been impressed with the kind of movies and shows that are produced here in Ghana. Most of these movies and shows tend to have similar themes and storylines and this is a turnoff for me.

Kejetia vs Makola blew me away with the way the show was set up. To those of you that do not know about Kejetia vs Makola, it is a court room comedy. The show follows two law firms and their clients in court.

Tackling the Stereotypes

The show tackles several stereotypes that have plagued the country for years now. Some of these stereotypes include Ashantis struggling to pronounce “R” and “L”, the Ewes or Voltarians speaking with an accent or Fantis speaking their native language with several English expressions.

The fact that this show has taken these stereotypes and turned it into some form of satire is an impressive feat. As someone who has watched most of the episodes in the series, I do find the show to be hilarious.

There are people however, that find this show to be boring and dry. A lot of the time, they say that the jokes are forced. This is why they find them to be unfunny. Some also say that, they find this show to be boring because they believe that these stereotypes are not supposed to be made fun of. They believe that they are a serious matter that can degenerate into something very serious.

They point they have made are valid in certain regards. I honestly believe that Kejetia vs Makola is a show that is not meant to be taken seriously. It serves to provide comic relief and many people I know, enjoy it.

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