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Why People Rob Others

It’s true that poverty always lead one another to do things that may not align with their morals or desires. Poverty often leave people with little to no choice but to commit crime in order to get food to eat. But it’s that acceptable? Is it alright to rob your fellow neighbor for food? It’s illegal so that makes it wrong even though it was for the “right” reasons.

In this comedy compilation video of SamSpedy, a man robs a house for money. When asked the reason why, he goes down in tears. Probably because his parents did not take care of him. In some cases, the person begins to feel he is justified in robbing others. Most people steal and feel justified in doing so. It’s understandable why they think of feel so.

But interestingly, a study reveals what really motivates people to steal. And it turns out it’s not really because of being poor or not having enough money to take care of himself but the feeling of being financially deprived. Of course, this feeling can be caused in many different ways possible. And this study suggests it’s more predominant that we normally think.

From five researches than, the team discovered that the feeling of financially deprived is the cause of a whole range of some moral behaviors: from common theft to crimes like embezzlement. Regardless of the fact that people believe generally that this is not true.

The assistant professor of marketing at New York University, Adam Alter and other co-author said “people who were made to feel deprived, even briefly, were more likely to cheat for small sums of money”. This results to the many crimes we see around every day.

It’s never good to steal no matter the amount of Robinhood reasons people come up with to justify their reasons. But this is something that can be done.

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