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The Good Side Of Comedy

Comedy can lift you up when the world and everything in it seems a bit tough. Regardless of what other people say concerning comedy. But comedy does more than that, it actually makes us better people. People tend to forget or less care about what comedy does for us.

Even though comedians have to watch the words that comes out from their mouth even though it’s true because dare say something against someone. People get offended easily and that could end your career.

\Comedy is very essential because it helps us through the hard tough times in our lives. When you’re in any trouble, the best option is to surround yourself with people who care very deeply for your life and will stand by your way till the problem is solved. But sometimes, just watching a comedy with your friends can ease up the burden and can actually find you solutions.

We are in a generation where people are very depressed than ever and it looks like a losing battle, there’s no way of breaking out. But comedy breaks that barrier and for most people go to the extent of solving the problem.

However, most comedies nowadays is becoming mostly censored. It’s very hard to tell a joke without getting offended. So what was meant to be free from foul words and sort of liberating is now filled with offensive words. The point of comedy is to laugh is to laugh at our problems and not laugh at people with those problems.

There are many kinds of comedians so many style of comedies, each having its good and bad side. To have the fun you really need to have, stick to the comedies which is good for you. Some people are so involved with offensive comedy. Choose what best works for you.

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