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The Importance of prince2 Project Management

Software companies are starting to realize the importance of utilizing underutilized technology. As on a prince 2 Training London course. Project management plays an important role in the success of a software company.  Used effectively, it can be a valuable tool in ensuring your success.  But, when done incorrectly it can be a drain on […]

How to Succeed in the PRINCE2 Six Sigma Program

Failure to plan is a captain of the disaster for project managers. Oftentimes, projects cannot be gauged from the beginning till the very end, if at all. There are so many extra variables involved in a project’s lifecycle that can derail even the best-managed project. Your plan may have a flaw you didn’t even know […]

PRINCE2 Project Management assessment

Work through it before you assessment, hire and train. Whether we’re talking about building, construction or ensuring that we have the integrity of our systems in place, project management is always core.  Just how project management can be in equilibrium full of issues, processes, and opportunities is always an issue.  At one end of the […]